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Cox Auto Trader Forms New Business Unit: Cox AutoTrader/AutoMart

Image With and Cox AutoTrader/AutoMart, Cox Auto Trader now provides a total solution for car buyers and sellers. ATLANTA, Dec. 10 /PRNewswire

Cox Auto Trader announced the creation of a new combined print and online publishing unit: Cox AutoTrader/AutoMart, which produces classified automotive advertising for dealers and private sellers. This unit is comprised of AutoTrader, AutoMart, AutoExtra and AutoMercado magazines, as well as other automotive classified titles. Cox AutoTrader/AutoMart also includes and web sites. continues to operate as a separate business unit under the Cox Auto Trader umbrella and is unaffected by these changes.

The formation of the new Cox AutoTrader/AutoMart business unit will allow its parent company, Cox Auto Trader, to leverage internal resources more effectively, while offering customers the best of both free and paid automotive advertising in print publications and online.

Joe George, a 17-year Cox Enterprises veteran who has most recently served as vice president of business development and strategy for Cox Auto Trader, will be president of Cox AutoTrader/AutoMart and will report to Sandy Schwartz, president of Cox Auto Trader.

“Joe has a proven track record of success. Having served in executive leadership roles for Manheim, and Cox Auto Trader, he is well suited to lead this effort. I’m excited for Joe and for our businesses,” said Schwartz. “Our new structure puts us in position to better serve our customers by creating a streamlined and more effective organization, which enables us to be the best print and online organization in this competitive environment.”

All functional areas including sales, internet, finance, IT, marketing and human resources will report to George. As he locates opportunities for synergy within the new business unit, George will also work to identify potential partnerships and business alliances with sister company, as well as across all of Cox Enterprises’ subsidiaries.

“I am excited about the opportunity to reorient the businesses to meet the demands of a changing environment,” said George. “Our new organizational structure will grant us increased collaboration and prepare us to take advantage of future opportunities in the marketplace.”

The formation of this combined unit marks a new way of doing business for AutoTrader Publishing and AutoMart who traditionally operated with a more decentralized approach. Bringing these businesses together as a joint print and online publishing unit allows Cox AutoTrader/AutoMart to offer a more complete automotive advertising, buying and selling solution for dealers, private sellers, car buyers and researchers.

About Cox Auto Trader:
Cox Auto Trader is one of the world’s leading providers of online and print automotive consumer information. Operating business units include majority-owned and Cox AutoTrader/AutoMart. is the internet’s leading auto classifieds marketplace and consumer information web site with more than 3 million vehicle listings and over 13 million qualified buyers each month. Cox AutoTrader/AutoMart consists of AutoTrader Publishing, a leading producer of classified automotive advertising publications with nearly 350 automobile and light truck titles and a total circulation of 3.5 million per week; and AutoMart, the leading provider of print and online classified automotive advertising for dealer customers with more than a million used car internet listings from dealers combined with print publications in 72 separate markets.

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  • J
  • November 14, 2008
What's unfortunate is that just went through a big round of layoffs and will probably be sold soon. Tough times.
Used to be a good company. Got cocky and arrogant, and started treating employees like trash, even ones who had been employed there for 15 years or more.

Thankfully I'm now working for a much better company, and have a guarantee of a job till I retire.

Auto Trader and Auto Mart deserve every turn of bad luck they get. More power to Craigs List!!
All I can say is, try to find the perfect vehicle on autotrader and also see how long it takes to submit a request, now try the same thing with and tell me who do you think offers a better service?
I guess they didn't make it to sold but instead just closed up. Another bold and cocky move since many areas were very profitable. Print is not dead yet and there is a lot of potential in many markets to grab a piece of the pie.
In the Tri-state area and down into Florida Cox has just done me a great service by removing a competitor! If you are a dealer in these markets looking for a publications to fill the void, pick up an Auto Shopper. Call 1-800-367-1723 or visit
  • R
    Roger Payne
  • January 28, 2009
Rednumbat is a horrible engine. I just typed in G8 and it pulled up to "stock images" without pricing or location.