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Create an Effective Auto Response Email – by David Kain

In this article, David Kain suggests how your dealers email Auto Response should be formated. David writes.."Unfortunately, most auto response emails are not an effective greeting for the dealership, and fail to arouse or motivate their audience." This is SO TRUE.

David reviews:
1. Decide who you want to sign the auto response
2. Use a subject line that is relevant to the customer
3. Use your logo
4. Keep it brief
5. Describe your process
6. Provide a link to your website
7. Sign it with complete contact information

Remember not to get too wordy when you describe your process. Keep it simple!

I would also like to add something to step #7. IF your a photogenic person, Include a photo of yourself. Now…I have heard and have read about some consultants not agreeing with this action. However, from my own personal experience, including a photo of yourself really adds a personal touch to your emails/auto responder and can increase your response rate. Plus, I have found that your customer is more likely to ask for you by name when they visit the dealership.

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