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DealerFeeder – New DealerRefresh Ad Sponsor

DealerRefresh Welcomes a new sponsor – DealerFeeder

dealerfeeder_adDealerFeeder simplifies social network marketing for dealerships because they set-up, customize and manage your profiles for you. They also make updating all your networks at once as easy as sending an email.

DealerFeeder takes the work out of social marketing and puts the power in your hands, bringing traffic and deals to your dealership through effective social network management.

As a client of DealerFeeder, we’ll already have set-up and customized your profiles for you, so there’s no work to worry about. And your messages are uploaded to all of your social profiles at once, simultaneously. What was once a daunting task is now effortless.

To read  more about DealerFeeder and their services, click here.

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