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Appointment Display Board For Your Dealership

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Appointment Display Board?

Appointment display boards at the dealership not only exudes professionalism but gives the potential client that “good feeling”, something most customers need when visiting a car dealer.

John started this thread over in the forum as he has been looking for a solution like this for a while.

I want to have the ability to display all of the appointments from my centralized BDC across all of our stores on a Television installed right on top of our receptionists. 

As soon as the customer walks-in, they would be able to see a confirmed time and possibly even the name of the associate that will be helping them. 

This would add visibility to everyone working in the store and I believe it would create a better atmosphere with the customer.

Are you using an appointment display board? If so, take a photo and share with the dealer community.

Are you using your CRM to display the appointments OR do you have or know of another method to accomplish this?

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  • May 14, 2013
Check out Showroom Tracker -
@Matt it is lookin fine
its too good