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Dealerskins Dominion Dealer Solutions Profile and Reviews

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Location:Norfolk, VA

Phone: 1-877-421-1040

Online Since: June 26th, 2000 *Acquired by Dominion Dealer Solutions


Homepage Title: “Responsive Dealership Websites | Dominion Dealer Solutions”

About:By automatically resizing and repositioning page content, our award-winning responsive design websites allow your dealership to offer an ideal, mobile-friendly experience for online consumers. With the percentage of mobile searches being conducted for vehicles, you must be where your customers are. Your online brand remains consistent in message and appearance through all screen sizes with Dominion Responsive Websites.

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Founder of DealerRefresh - 20+ Years of dealership Sales, Management, Training, Marketing and Leadership.
Dealerskins provides automotive dealers beautiful AND powerful web solutions that help them sell more cars. Our expertise comes from real-world dealership experience and a passion for listening and responding to our dealers’ needs. In fact, we designed, built, and used the first Dealerskins website while working at a top-50 dealership group.

We realize that automotive dealers require high-caliber, dynamic websites to meet car buyers’ needs. Dealerskins was founded in July of 2000 to serve those needs. Today, we’re bigger and better than ever and still focused on helping dealers use their websites to sell more cars.

Our SEO/SEM team consistently stays ahead of the curve. They’ve developed incredible methods to help drive traffic to our customer’s sites – and we provide the most detailed reporting on the results in the industry. This let’s dealers drill deep down on the effectiveness of their marketing spend.

We build the industry’s most beautiful and functional websites – period – using the latest Internet technologies including Flash. This helps us provide very dynamic, interactive, attractive websites that keep customers coming back.

Our products, services and achievements include:

* Customized, Branded Dealership Websites
* Ups! Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
* Autobahn Online Inventory System
* Red Line Suite of Vehicle Research, Display & Follow-up Tools
* Promotion Center Customized Online Specials
* Dealers’ Choice Awards Winner- 2004, 2005 & 2006
* AROW Award- 5 1/2 Stars out of 5
* Dealerskins Clients in Ward's Top 5 e-dealers 3 Years Running
* Largest Porsche and Maserati Dealerships in the U.S.
* Highest Sales Honda Dealership in the U.S.

We also partner with the best tool providers in the business to allow a dealer to have everything they need to effectively use their website. This includes vehicle videos, lead management, finance apps etc.

Thank you, Jeff, for giving us the opportunity to explain what it is we do!
We've just started using DealerSkins for our website, maybe 3-4 months ago. It is a HUGE improvement over our previous website, which was pretty much just dead weight. We are receiving more leads by far. The layout of the website is great, and is fairly easy to navigate. There's buttons on almost all the pages where you can do a 'quick contact' and email the dealership your info. Customers can aslo submit credit applications which we receive in a matter of minutes. So far, we are pleased with DealerSkins. I would like to see what other dealers who are using Dealerskins have to say.
The Dealerskins flash website packages may look nice but score 0/10 for organic search optimization. The five Dealerskins flash websites that I worked with had an architecture does not allow for users to control page titles, keywords and descriptions on a page level. The platform also has other design issues that make SEO extremely difficult. For most Dealerskins sites that I have reviewed, the HTML tag is the same for all pages on the site which is a direct violation of Google Webmaster guidelines.

Examples of "stuck" page titles are: and

The challenges with their platform required me to create clean HTML websites for my dealer clients who wanted to lower PPC costs and gain local leads organically. Today, the new HTML websites beat the Dealerskin flash sites for organics lead generation by at lease a 3-1 margin.

If they have an HTML platform, choose that one and stay away from their flash platform which I have found not be effective for organic search marketing. If you want flash for your main site and want to build lead collection websites outside of Dealerskins, that can work also I have demonstrated for my clients.

I agree with Brian. I used Dealerskins in the past at our dealership, but their websites are horrible what SEO is concerned. The main problems with their websites (although they look very nice) are that they are flash heavy and use frames to build the site.
Although most search engines have created robots that now have a work around the frames and flash, it does not help with optimizing.

I have since switched to Dealeron and you can clearly see that they worked on SEO compatibility. They allow you to optimize each page seperately (unlike dealerskins) and they have all our inventory vehicle pages indexed by the search engines which help a lot.

Easy check to see how many of your pages are indexed, type:

Now before I get to nice to they do have a lot of problems also. Their websites load slower then any other provider for dealerships and they limit the number of pages you can create.

When deciding on a webdesign, I look mostly at these four things:
1. SEO friendly
2. Conversion
3. User Friendly
4. Dealer friendly

but in the end it is all about leads, so any site that improves your traffic and conversion is a plus. When you can combine this with a look, feel and design that fits your marketing message, you hit to jackpot.

I have not found a single company that offers all those. Oh well, maybe I need to do this myself.....LoL
FWIW, displays a raw number of pages indexed and is one hell of a useless number (if left to stand on its own).

Example: = 5,120 pages
vs. = 14 pages
(a local competitor by TKcarsites)

The TK site totally crushes my site (WTG Jim Rucker!) So... the number of pages indexed only gains leverage IF the site has SEO engineered into it from the ground up.

I'd bet ya 5,100 of pages are in goog's dungeon (supplementals).



The "site:" searches on Google can be very valuable if the site was built correctly from the start. I did a quick analysis of your site and found that there is one major flaw in your design that would not allow great ranking even though you have a lot of pages cataloged. Also, with regards to fxchevy, the main factor that is having the greatest influence on the search ranking is something that is most likely being done by a 3rd party company and not TK.
They have a ton of external linking which is enhancing their relavance. This is most likley done through a local PR firm. If they were using a web vendor that cataloged better on Google and combined that with his external linking, he would really dominate that market.

James Kovacs

True. If you look at only that it means absolutely nothing. My point was simply that the more pages the search engines know about, the better.

But first regarding your site and fxchevy(dot)com being better. Do you mean the number of leads or the amount of traffic you get? Cause I really think you should get more traffic then them. Problem lies maybe in your conversion ratio? You have to admit that your main entry page is not exactly what your dealerships' customer is expecting (do your know your bounce rate for this page? number of visitors that exit on the first page they see). Do you know your monthly unique visitors, unique leads, unique phone calls? and do you know the same for your competitor, fxchevy? let me know and we will see whether my point makes no sense.

Back to my point in my earlier post, my current provider has their website hard code inventory pages, so instead of having a page called dealer(dot)com/inventory.aspx?item=5 my site will create a page dealer(dot)com/2008_acura_tsx_vin_used.html and since google's algorithm looks at how often site content gets updated, having your inventory pages indexed is very important and helps your overall rankings.

Now all these fancy pants dealer website providers create fake content that is the same for each dealer and thus will not help your rankings. My provider is guilty of this too. You have to be the one to add the content if your provider allows you :(

Back to TKcarsites, their inventory is iframed into fxchevy and thus this does not help their site with search engine rankings and actually only helps getauto(dot)com that lists their inventory (just right click on their inventory tool and click properties in the dropdown). definately something they can see big results with if they change.

That said, I do agree that those numbers are not an accurate reflection of how you rank, it is simply a tool to help you improve. I would love to analyze the data from fxchevy(dot)com and usedcarking(dot)com to see where your problem is, if you think you have one. You can email me at oscar (at) goodosnacura(dot0com

PS. My site provider has problems too (too slow, too few pages, not flexible enough, etc......) but I get more traffic and higher conversion then with earlier providers.


One more point I wanted to share. Usedcarking(dot)com sounds like it is not a franchise dealer. If I was to look for a service department or a new chevy, I would not click on your link and if I did by accident, I would click back since I would think you are not a franchise dealer, simply a note lot.

So, although content is king, your marketing message needs to be tailored to what your customers are expecting to find. I see at least one third of my traffic to be service related and I get more new car leads then used car leads (although I get more used car searches). Probably because they can see the price for used cars, they have to inquire for new cars.....

Hope that makes sense.
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    Mike Page
  • November 18, 2008
I had used Dealerskins services before and found the same thing as well. The dealer website didn't come up a lot on the Search Engines. This was important for our store to come up so that we could get more customers coming to our site. The sites look great at first but we found out over time that many of the customers would not stay on the site long because of the loading of the flash.
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    ricky malitsky
  • November 9, 2009
hi my name rick malitsky with dylanmotorcars in hatboro pa. we would like to discontinue our website with u guys if u can give us a call at 215-442-9190 as soon as u get this email. thank you
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    dave ghrist
  • December 28, 2009
we need web site info and pricing

e-mail or 248 514 1115
We have used Dealerskins for over a year now. Their SEO seems to be decent, but their overall design lacks tremendously. I may be nitpicking due to my web design background but I feel we could do better. Their support is average thus far since I took over the position of Internet Manager. Ive contacted them twice about re-design options but have yet to hear back from a project manager of any kind. We are currently searching other options such as and

Dealerskins backend site manager is very archaic. The site editor is very limited for anyone with any kind of basic HTML experience. Their design optons would be good for a dealership who is looking to update from a site built in 1995, but if you are looking anything "cutting edge" you might look elsewhere.

Ultimately, you get what you pay for so be careful.
Main issues I had with Dealerskins sites is that their URL's were hidden. Every page of your website had the same url and made for SEO nightmare. Not to mention when you wanted to link from blogs back to your site..all you could do was the home page, due to the one url.

I had to call into to them to get the hidden page names for our Credit Application, Specials, that I could link. This is why they are a huge SEO nightmare. After I did massive SEO work on the sites we were much better. But this is an issue that a big Dealer Webdesign Company should know better about.
Of course this was a couple of years ago, so they may have become a bit smarter since!