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To Display Price or Not – On Your Dealership Website?

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community member NHHarleyguyPrice or No Price on Your Dealership Website?

I have been trolling around this site for a while and as a relative “newbie” to the industry (I actually work at a Harley-Davidson dealership) I find that this site is an awesome resource with a lot of talented contributors.

I am struggling with the question of internet pricing. I have searched the topic and haven’t found anything that deals with this question specifically. We have three stores with our used inventory shared on all three sites.

One of our stores has elected to not display price online but rather “call for quote“.

I believe that this may increase the number of calls, but ultimately will produce less deals. I think that having the price is exactly what today’s internet customer wants. The more info that you can provide, the more likely that when that customer calls or emails, they are “pre-qualified” in a sense because they see the price and have elected to reach out for more information.

Anyone have any insight or data on this subject?

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