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Driving Sales with DealerRefresh Technology Forum

DealerRefresh introduces it’s ALL NEW DealerRefresh Dealer Technology Forums.


What CRM do we you use?
Who offers the best desking solution?
How do you optimize your Inventory Management software?

These are the type of questions that make their way into our inbox daily at DealerRefresh.

So, as a response; Alex and I have been hard at work on something a little different, something we think is missing in our industry. This will no doubt provide dealers and industry software and service vendors an avenue to truly connect with one another.

Introducing the ALL NEW DealerRefresh Technology Forum.

The DealerRefresh forum is for discussing the different technologies we all use at the dealership – a way to talk about best practices, learn about other products, and find solutions to problems we may be having. On top of all that, what it mostly gives you is a VOICE. DealerRefresh has pretty much just been Alex and me, and we have been wanting to give anyone the ability to participate on a LARGER LEVEL. This is that venue to get it done and have a voice of your own.

I think you’ll be impressed with all the hard work we have put into the forum. We already have several threads and posts/comments in several of the different forums for you to read and comment on. These forums include:

So TODAY April 15th, announces the OPENING! So jump in, sign up and be a part of the DealerRefresh Technology Forum community and continue driving sales.

We hope to see you in the Forum!

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count me in fellas
How in the world do you find the time to do SO many things?! You rock.
  • G
  • April 22, 2009
DUDE- amazing stuff, but OMG- I can't keep up with you and all the other websites! Congrats on the skyrocketing membership. Truly amazing growth, but I guess that goes with your faithful followers.