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Driving Sales Executive Summit 2013 Recommended Sessions with Kevin Frye


Kevin Frye’s Suggested DSES 2013 Sessions

Let me first extend my congratulations to the Driving Sales team on putting together a great agenda with superior keynote speakers.

I am very excited to hear Danny Sulllivan, whom I have followed with my SEO research for several years. And as a formal Naval Aviator, I am also excited to see Leif Babin, former US Navy Seal Officer, speak on developing leaders. I have brought the same leadership skills to automotive that I learned as a Naval Officer, and I am certain that Leif will take that to a higher level.

Before attending any conference, I always like to spend some time reviewing the agenda, and more important, choosing the breakout sessions that I feel will give me the most value. Here are my recommended breakout sessions for The Driving Sales Executive Summit 2013:

Oct 14th – Breakout Session 1, 2:15 PM

Extreme Targeting: How to Generate PERFECT Digital Traffic! / Shane Hambly

There is one thing in eCommerce that most of us can agree upon – there is a direct correlation between vehicle detail page (VDP) views and cars being sold. Shane is presenting with Nisha Abraham, a Google manager, and they are going to share how we can use hyper targeted adwords to drive traffic to VDP’s. Sounds like a win to me, as I know that more VDP views should equate to more sales. I am a bit cynical on search focused display banners and their performance, so I also hope to see if I can learn something about using the Google Display Network to generate better ROI.

Oct 14th – Breakout Session 2, 3:00 PM

Advanced Digital Strategies for Advanced Internet Dealers / David Kain

David is a highly respected leader in our industry, and I am intrigued by the Advanced Digital Strategies he is going to share. I have been doing this a long time, and I agree that our Internet shoppers are much more experienced with their online buying. My fear is that my current strategies might be falling short of our current buyers’ expectations, and I look forward to seeing what David can show me (I hope he has some new ideas).

Oct 14th – Breakout Session 3, 3:45 PM

Big Data, Better Data: How People-Driven Marketing Will Drive Sales / Kass Dawson

I met Kass Dawson this summer at Facebook’s headquarters while attending the Digital Summit at Mountain View. There is a revolution going on right now in eCommerce and it is called mobile. Kass and I talked quite a bit about mobile, and how a dealer can leverage Facebook with their marketing efforts. If you want to fish where the fish are at, then what is one of the most powerful mobile advertising platforms available to you as a dealer? This session combines two things I love, Big Data and Facebook, and looks to share some ideas of how to leverage both together to market in a top-performing mobile platform. Sounds like a winner to me. BUT – I am also recommending…

Befriending the Lonely Community Manager / Aaron Wirtz

If people must be brands, and brands must be people, then social media must be KEY in a dealer’s success in today’s market. I look to see some real examples of how Aaron is using his social strategy to build value in his dealership brand. Plus, if this session is anywhere near as exciting as his promotional video, it should be a lot of fun.

With so many great speakers, it is difficult to pick which sessions to attend. Of course, my needs as a dealer can be much different than many attendees, which would lead to me having different choices. I look forward to hearing your input on which sessions you choose to attend, and  I also look forward to seeing each of you at Driving Sales as I defend my “Digital Media Battle Debate Championship” on Tuesday morning, Oct. 15th, at 9:10 am, moderated by Joe Webb.

What sessions are you looking forward to seeing at DSES?
Let us know in the comments!

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