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DSES 5th Annual Digital Debate – See You Tuesday

At 9:15 am on Tuesday morning, join Jeff Kershner and a panel of leading industry greats as moderator Joe Webb takes us through today’s hot topics.

Set up like a political debate, but less crying in the back alleys, and one of the highlights of the entire conference, the DrivingSales Executive Summit Digital Debates bring in top experts in the field to spit fire and expound entertainingly on topics such as websites, process, marketing, and dealership operations.

Luckily, Joe knows how to handle these folks and will hit all the hard questions and keep things on track.

This is a can not miss.

What digital debate questions would you have Joe ask the panel? If you tweet me I have the secret ability to get those questions answered. As of today. Right now, in fact.

Be sure to sit up front.

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