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Ode to #DSMV

image of Digital Summit Mountain View banner

I’m sure by now most have seen photos and heard about the Digital Summit at Mountain View event we held at Google Headquarters last week. It truly was an amazing experience.

Experience – not only was this a conference full of rich information but it was an experience for all that attended. From listening to Guy Kawasaki speak on “Enchantment“, to engaging with the main members of the Google Ad team to having the opportunity to tour the Google campus – this was an experience.

While I was in the middle of writing a short review around the Summit, an email from Kate Frost hit my inbox. She did such a superb job in capturing the experience in a short poem she had written. She asked if I would like to publish it here on DealerRefresh. I of course said YES.

Kate is a poet and I didn’t know it! – that’s about as poetic as I get.

Shout out to Duncan Scary
Jeff Kershner and the crew
For a fabulous time
At Digital Summit Mountain View

photo of Google Name Tags

Arrive at the conference
Walk into Google’s lobby
Who’s standing in front of me?
Mister Guy Kawasaki!

photo of Kate Frost and Guy Kawasaki DSMV
Snap a photo with Guy
And a picture of the slide
Mobile upload to Facebook
Shows damn, “I’ve arrived!”

So many speakers
With so much knowledge
I learned more in 2 days
Than 4 years in college

photo of Duncan haystak DSMV

The presenters were all great
But if I had to choose three
My favorites are as follows:
Amir, Cardone & Kawasaki

photo of Amir Rezvani

Amir took the stage
And class was in session
The “Psychology of Persuasion”
Taught the room many lessons

photo of Grant Cardone

Cardone was full charge
Turning twelve steps to four
Said shortening the sales process
Will help you sell more

Guy was enchanting
As you would expect him to be
There was no doubt about it
He achieved “likability”

photo of Guy Kawasaki

Second day at Google
This place is insane!
Forecast for the day?
Some Frost and some Rain!

photo of Kate Frost and April Rain DSMV

A tour of the campus
And a trip to the store
Left all of us wishing
Our suitcase’s could hold more

It was great to see old friends
And connect with some new
Sharing so many ideas
I may have forgotten a few

photo of Kate Frost David Kain DSMV

The conference is over
Big thanks to Haystack
Are you planning one next year?
I can’t wait to come back!

photo of chris fousek dsmv

Big ups to John Lamb,
Chris Fousek from Boston
Kevin Frye and Jim Bell represent
You guys are awesome!

-Kate Frost

photo of Jeff Kershner and Dealer Panel DSMV

Founder of DealerRefresh - 20+ Years of dealership Sales, Management, Training, Marketing and Leadership.
Great summary.  Thanks to the sponsors for putting on a great event.
  • K
  • May 18, 2012
Best training event I have attended in the last 5 years! When you can hear it directly from Google's best people at their headquarters, you know you are getting the real stuff. The guest speakers were top notch, and the smaller environment (less amount of people attending) meant more people were willing to share their cutting edge ideas.  I left this conference with several ideas that I intend to implement in the upcoming months.  Great seeing everyone there, great summary poem Kate!
  • C
    Chris Fousek
  • May 18, 2012
Jeff, thanks for posting Kate's awesome "ode" and for sponsoring the Summit along with Haystack, DealerOn and Edmunds. This was truly a unique experience with many key take aways. Kevin's comments are spot on!
  • D
  • May 19, 2012
 @Chris Fousek @KevinFrye @Jim Bell So glad you guys were able to make it. Thanks for commenting too! I hope everyone had a great experience.
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