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EasyAutoSales Launches New Premium Classifieds, Helps Car Dealers Reach Buyers in the Social Web

ATLANTA, Georgia, ‐‐, America’s fastest growing consumer driven automotive resource launches version 3.0 of its classified services to focus on vehicle research and premium classifieds. The new EasyAutoSales website features added integration with Craigslist and a number of social‐networking websites to help car dealers better reach car buyers in the social web.

“94% of consumers are researching cars online and reading peer reviews weeks or months before they browse classified listings,” said Randall Prince, Co‐founder of “With EasyAutoSales, buyers can now do both vehicle research and comparison shopping at the same time.”

The EasyAutoSales Community allows both car buyers and car dealers to interact, share vehicle photos, and post YouTube videos within the online discussions. All relevant car reviews and discussions are linked to the 2 million+ vehicle listings found on

“With existing online classifieds, car buyers browse and shop alone and the experience they get is similar to walking through a dealership lot after closing,” said Wei Yang, CEO of “With the new EasyAutoSales, our shopping experience will be like browsing new cars at a car show along with hundreds of other people around you doing the same. Not only will you see tons of photos, comments and videos, you can participate in discussions, and read car reviews by current owners.”

In addition to helping car buyers make more informed choices on; buyers can also extend their pre‐purchase shopping questions to their Facebook or Twitter network by sharing vehicles found on EasyAutoSales to those services.

“Our goal of integrating EasyAutoSales with Facebook and Twitter is to allow car buyers to tap into the wisdom of their existing social network for general car advice,” says Yang. “A typical Facebook or Twitter user has hundreds of friends in their network ‐ which means between their friends and their friends’ network, there are at least thousands of personal experiences with a variety of different vehicles.”

A car buyer who is interested in a particular vehicle found on EasyAutoSales can now easily share that tidbit of information on their Facebook wall, FriendFeed, or Twitter updates and get instant feedback on that exact vehicle.

“Chances are someone in the buyer’s social network will be able to chime in and let the buyer know if the vehicle in question is a rip‐off or a worthwhile purchase,” says Yang. “Ultimately, getting real advice from the people you trust is the best way to shop and we have the best system in place to put dealer inventories in those discussions.”

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