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Employee Joy Rides. Has This Happened to You?

A recent event showed “irrefutable proof” – as one unhappy customer said, that employees taking customers cars for a joy ride is not an uncommon issue dealership customers face.

The Joyriding Employee

A Californian couple took their car for regular servicing, only to spot it speeding down the road a while later. They realized it was their Special Edition Chevy Camaro being taken for a joy ride by an employee at the Chevrolet of Montebello dealership, so they confronted the driver as he drove the car into a food drive-through.

The unhappy customer, Mari Agredano-Quirino, posted a video of the whole event to her social media profile which showed her confrontation with the employee of the dealership, behind the wheel of her vehicle.

The owner of the dealership apologized for the whole situation and refunded the repairs for the car.  Although he asked Agredano-Quirino to share his apology video on her post on social media, she refused to do so.

Do your employees take customer’s cars for a casual drive?

The public was quick to point out that this is not an uncommon issue at dealerships, so the question remains, how often does this really happen? And how do we go about preventing this? What else can dealerships do to protect their reputation in situations such as this one?

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