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Engage, Inform, and Delight Millennials with Personalized Video Emails

Engage, inform, and delight Millennials with Personalized Walkaround Videos

Sponsored PostDon’t think Millennials are a big enough customer segment to worry about? Think again. According to a recent DrivingSales study, Millennials are now accounting for 27% of new car sales. “The buying power of this younger market represents a significant growing opportunity for dealerships, the report states.

Who Are Millennials? Why Do They Matter?

According to one source, Millennials are those that were born between 1982 and 2004. Considering the World Wide Web was created in 1995, that makes the younger segment of this generation a teenager at the time the WWW came about. Practically speaking, the Web has almost always been with them since they’ve been buying things.

Here’s a few things we know about Millennials…

We know that Millennials spend time researching online before visiting a dealership – even a dealership where they already have a relationship.

We know that Millennials are more likely to trust dealerships that give them the information they are seeking, and let them come to their own educated decision.

We also know that videos sell cars.

Who are Millennials? Why Do They Matter?

Two Keys to Selling Vehicles to Millennials

While price is important to every customer, there are two other factors that heavily influence a Millennial’s purchase decision – trust and experience. Building trust and creating an amazing shopping experience are two of the most important things you want to focus on while working with a Millennial.

Trusting the Dealership

Since we know that Millennials spend significant time researching online before visiting a dealership, we can deduce that this generation is more likely to trust dealerships that give them the information they are seeking, and let them come to their own educated decision. Thus transparency and personalized interaction in digital form are pivotal when dealing with Millennials.

Amazing Shopping Experience

Because Millennials perform so much of their research online, creating an amazing shopping experience begins online in digital form, most likely on their smartphones. Therefore, you’ll need tools and resources that make it easy for you and for them to experience all your dealership has to offer, ideally on their smartphones.

Using Video to Sell to Millennials

It’s been said that one minute of video is worth a million words, which has much to do with why video helps sell cars. Considering that we know our objective with Millennials is to build trust and create an amazing experience, naturally this is what we should strive to accomplish in our videos for Millennials.

Rather than, “show me the money,” Millennial car buyers are saying, “Show me the video!”

But creating videos can be costly and time-consuming, and not everyone is fit for being on camera or producing video. Therefore, dealers need a tool that makes creating effective videos simple and easy to do, where sales reps can concentrate on building trust and creating an amazing experience rather than producing a video.

Engage, inform, and delight customers with dealer-branded video emails

One such tool that hundreds of dealers are utilizing every day to easily create such videos is Walkaround Videos. With Walkaround Videos, you can create an amazing overall experience by engaging, informing and delighting your prospects with customized, dealer-branded videos of each specific vehicle they are interested in.

Creating trust through video can be accomplished with Walkaround Videos by showing the customer the vehicle (or vehicles) of interest to them in a personalized way which they can view on their smartphone or tablet device, not requiring them to visit the dealership to spark an emotional connection with a car. By hearing your voice, the Millennial is also able make a personal connection with you.

Producing Walkaround Videos takes but a few minutes and can be done using your own phone or tablet device with the Authentk Walkaround Videos app available for Android and iOS devices. You simply point your camera to what you want the customer to see while speaking to provide audio narration, or pre-record a video for upload. When ready, you complete the form with the customer’s information and a branded email is sent to the customer, linking them to a branded viewing page.

The entire process can take as little as 2-3 minutes!

With Walkaround Videos, you are putting yourself out there as a trusted source of information. You aren’t selling anything. You are educating buyers and building trust through video. When they are ready to come to the dealership, they will insist on seeing only you, because you’ve taken the time to send them personalized information in a form they prefer – video!

Try It For Yourself

Are you ready to give it a whirl? Take Walkaround Videos for a free test drive by clicking here or the image below and submitting your information. Upon doing so we will send you login credentials and instructions for setting up a demo account which you are welcome to use free for 15 days. Once you’ve had a chance to try it out and see how easy it is to create personalized videos, you’ll be wishing you knew about the tool years ago.

Get Started with a 15-day Free Trial of Walkaround Videos

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