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Everyone Emojis Everywhere! Can You?

As my youngest son’s school Halloween Harvest event is this week I thought it only natural to buy the costume Monday evening. Turns out Target didn’t have his Avengers Ultron costume size M, but what they did have that caught my eye was a bright yellow round smiley face Emoji costume.

Turns out Emojis don’t just catch my eye they catch, nearly everyone’s eye. You have to admit you’re guilty of adding a 🙂 or a 🙁 here and there. Maybe you even extend into more. I often send my son running emojis #truth.

I didn’t think there would be a time when there would marketing success data around emojis, but who am I kidding – of course there is. We are working, playing and thriving in a mobile first world. According to recent reports Emojis are not only used by us in daily conversations in text messages and emails, but also in professional settings.

emoji success in dealership marketing

Emogi found that more than seven in 10 said they used them because they helped users to accurately express what they were thinking. Nearly 65% said emojis also made it easier for people to understand them.

Benefits of using Emojis:

Connect on an Emotional Level:
Statistics can’t lie. This is how people are communicating.  When surveyed 9 in 10 people said they used Emojis.

Email Subject Line Success:
What do a school bus, a snowflake and a dollar sign have in common? Only insane open rates, that’s what! Just be sure you test it first to be sure to works on your email list.

Ease of Communication:
Sing it!- “If you wanna be passive aggressive you can be passive aggressive….”
Nothing makes it easier to ask a customer to come in before you leave for the night than adding an emoji at the end of a sentence:)

My 🙁 happened shortly after I couldn’t find an Avengers Ultron costume size M. It was no worries, though, because I ordered it off Amazon as I was standing in Target convincing my kid to put down the large axe and move on.

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