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The Refresh Recap – Translation, Facebook, Leads, WMOT and AutoTrader

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What you may have missed over the last few weeks here on DealerRefresh, as the forums have been extremely busy with some engaging conversations.

Let’s get you caught up if you’ve missed out…

DealerRefresh – The Blog

Lost in Translation – John Quinn offers up a commonsense article on translating Digital Speak into Dealer Speak. A practice that not only many ISM’s overlook but it provides a reminder to vendors as well. Looking for buy-in? Learn to speak the dealers language.

The Reputation Score You’re Not Checking and Should Be – Email delivery is crucial! Our resident email marketing guru, Malinda, offers us some great do-it-yourself best practices around managing your dealers email reputation. This is must read!

Facebook / Pet Rock Analysis – Facebook is ROCKIN! 15% of the people ON THIS PLANET use Facebook and usage is still on the rise. BUT, where will Facebook “be” and what will it look like in 10 years?

How Do I Convert Visitors On My Dealer Site? – The most common call-to-action in our industry is “Get A Quote“. A quote, you say – for what? Kyle discuss the current inflexibility from most website providers and manufacturers online marketing programs  and how it’s effecting the user experience.

The Phenomenon of (Lin)ternet Sales – Are you overlooking your dealerships next Jeremy Lin? Just because someone has “Internet” in their title does NOT mean it is the only segment of your business they should be in. Joe Webb explores.

Are You Missing A Marketing Opportunity On Your Website? – Are you missing out on conversion tracking and additional opportunities of engagement with your dealers “Thank You Page. Brian offers some best practices on building a better Thank You page.

What is Your Dealer’s WMOT! – With so much focus on the ZMOT, are we loosing deals at the WMOT? Of course we are! The problem with WMOT is that it can cancel the best ZMOT.


DealerRefresh – The Forum

See You Later Autotrader! – This is a rather newer thread that’s already 70+ comments deep. Dealers LOVE to speak up when “” is involved. However, the opinions of the community have led to a great discussion and more towards the defense of AT then ever before . Don’t miss out on this one!

How can I get more (real) phone numbers in my leads – Is there even an answer to this question? Maybe not but we’re four pages deep into this thread already with some GREAT advise.

ELead BDC. Anyone else using them, or can give me your review? – Outsourcing some of your BDC efforts is not only an option for many dealers but a must. eLead offers a solution but the community would like to hear from more dealers using their call center.

Quick question for the Toyota Guys in the Room – Ideas around populating a V-SPEC (Toyota Window Sticker) onto each new Toyotas VDP on your website.

Google Business Photos – Check out these interactive 360 degree photos for your dealerships Google Places page and map points. Cool find! Thanks Stefan.

The End of FREE Facebook Marketing? – The way we advertise and interact on facebook will completely change with the new Timeline for Pages. Are you on-board?


Up & Coming Industry Conferences

Digital Dealer 12 is right around the corner! April 3-5, at The Rosen Shingle Creek Resort, Orlando! Click here to register – See you there?

2012 Automotive Marketing Boot Camp – The 3rd Annual Automotive Marketing Boot Camp will be held in Las Vegas at the Monte Carlo Hotel, May 15-17th, 2012. Click here to register


New Feature on the Forum

DealerRefresh members can now highlight their Twitter handle in their included Bios. This video will show you how. I think you’ll like this!

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