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Facebook Organic Reach Declining

According to recent research, despite the disappointment and finger pointing that followed the December algorithm change announcement by Facebook, organic reach was already on the decline.

For those of us who use Facebook to encourage engagement, brand awareness and so much more, this might be surprising…

Organic Reach vs. Boosted

If you’re like many, the reach from posts made about the lucky couple with their new vehicle, oil change specials and a community walk funded by your dealership, just don’t get as far as they used to.

There’s a reason we all feel like the gas has run out on our true blue posts and the need to pay for reach is increasing. The algorithm change in the news feed aims to do just that. We’re all familiar with the “boost post” option – but, really how much more reach is that giving you?

It’s gotten so bad that some of our community members have even considered the possibly of social suicide.

facebook reach declines

According to reports the average organic reach used to be as high as 16 percent a little over two years ago. Now, the average is 6.5 percent. And, even though there is a significant drop in reach (and, even when boosted the reach is small) the majority of marketers still feel organic reach is where it is at.

Is Facebook Maintenance or Marketing? Is Facebook more for maintaining or marketing? Do you use it more to maintain a relationship post-sale or marketing to get more sales?

What is happening at your dealership? I see some dealership Facebook posts in my Facebook news feed and some are better than others. But, my “suggested posts” are never dealerships’ postings.

What’s your next step with Facebook?

Will you continue to post (and post with hope)? Do you dedicate more time and resources to paid posts or consider another option all-together?


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