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Google acquires for 1.2 Million?


April 1, 2008 – We are pleased to announce today Google has agreed to acquire, the choice of blogs for Automotive Internet Sales Professionals across the United States, for $1.2 million in cold hard cash.  Following the acquisition, will operate independently to preserve its successful brand and passionate community.

Kershner seemed too excited about the acquisition "I never thought it would ever come to this. DealerRefresh was just a quick idea 3 years ago. Having the opportunity to grow a small blog into one of the most respectful communities in the automotive industry has been truly exhilarating!. I only hope is that we can continue on with the success. DealerRefresh would not be what is has turned out to be if it were not for the readers, the contributors, the whole community. ..WERD!"

"Id love to give a shout out to EVERYONE that helps make this community what it is. A big thanks to Alex Snyder for all of his help and contribution – you bring a balance to DR that we all appreciate!"

When the acquisition is complete, DealerRefresh will retain its distinct brand identity, strengthening and complementing Google’s own fast-growing business. DealerRefresh will continue to be based in the basement office of Jeff Kershner’s house. With Google’s technology, advertiser relationships and global reach, DealerRefresh will continue to build on its success as one of the most popular blogs for todays Automotive Dealers and Internet Sales Professionals.


  • J
  • April 1, 2008
Great April fools joke, it's right up there with Google's internet access through your toilet last year. If you had got the lighting right in the photo it might have been more convincing.
I knew this was a joke when I saw the price was a paltry $1.2 million... this is worth $120 million!!! Cheers! Kevin Frye/eCommerce Director Jeff Wyler Auto Family/
  • G
  • April 1, 2008
CONGRATULATIONS BRO! All that hard work has paid off. Don't forget us little people when you are lunching on the French Riviera!
"A big thanks to Alex Snyder for all of his help and contribution - you bring a balance to DR that we all appreciate!"

I accept cashiers checks, wire transfers, and weekends at the Playboy Mansion ;)
Jeff, is this the Law of Attraction at work?
  • D
  • April 1, 2008
You had me for about a nano second. I thought, those guys sure look stiff.
That is a great pic man! - tell the boys they need a little iron in their diet, they are looking a little pale ya know...

Have you seen this one


The funny thing is people probably think that YOUR face was photoshopped into the picture. Who is that douche bag with the water bottle????
  • S
    Scott Bonato
  • April 3, 2008
Nice try Jeff, I knew the post was a hoax right away. Sergey Brin and Larry Page are WAY more fit than the pale guys posing with you. I definitely like the pics of you with the booth babes much better.
HA!!! Too funny
OH OH OH !!! You are so bad! I was telling myself, He has got to be joking!