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Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools Webinar with Brian Pasch

DealerRefresh and Brian Pasch are teaming up to offer dealers an invaluable webinar on how to utilize Google Webmaster Tools.

Google provides a number of free tools that provide a wealth of information to anyone seeking to increase traffic, leads and sales to their website. Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and Google Insights for Search are three tools that are under utilized for Internet Sales Managers.

If you haven’t looked at these tools in the past six months, you will be surprised at the number of new data points that are being collected and measured from your website.

If you are serious about learning more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), traffic generation strategies, and improving website conversion you need to understand that great data that these tools provide.

This is the first time that Brian has offered to conduct a webinar workshop on these very important tools.

The webinar will be held on Tuesday June 22, 2010 from 10:00 am – 12:00 noon EST.

The cost is $25 per dealership rooftop login. This is a tremendous opportunity to unlock the mysteries of these tools and improve your digital marketing strategies.

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Since we expect this event to sell-out quickly, we encourage you to sign-up today. You can also send this page link to people in your 20 group and invite them to attend.

Once we receive your payment, you will be added to the list and your webinar link will be emailed 2 days before the event.

The information and training that you will obtain from this webinar will be priceless because it will show you how your website is “respected” by Google and how to create a more effective digital marketing strategy.

IF you have any questions before the webinar – use the comments form for this this post and ask away. We will do our best to answer your questions throughout the webinar.

Do you have to work for a dealership to sign up??
Anyone can sign up.
If we sign up for this webinar do we get a copy of it?
I always learn something from Brian. His webinars have always been informative in the past. He gives you some real world ideas that you can start using as soon as the session/webinar is over. Thanks for putting this on Brian! Signed up and ready to go!
Carol - any media used during the webinar will be provided.
Signed up... pretty excited not gonna lie.
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    Richard Valenta
  • June 11, 2010
Brian always provides valuable information and this is a very important webinar for anyone that manages a website. $25 is well worth it!

Richard Valenta


TK Carsites, Inc.
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  • June 14, 2010
I love Google and the tools they provide. We've really seen some excellent results, and for free, there's not many better tools you can pay for that Google doesn't already have or does, for free.
Thanks, Alex. I will probably sign up when I get back from vacation, if not before.
Don't think twice about signing up; Brian will probably share more than $25 worth of info just in his opening monologue...
A little warning about Pasch on a Webinar: make sure your headphones are on and/or there isn't anyone easily offended within earshot. When he gets going, he gets going all the way...and it is very entertaining!

That's good advice since I think you mentioned that last time you and Christine were using a showroom PC for a webinar I used a few "gray" words slipped out.

The webinar will be a great time to look into the tools that best tell you what Google sees about your website and not what you think it sees.

Also, Webmaster Tools has really been expanding in what it shows. So I would advise all attendees to make sure you can login to Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools ASAP.

If you don't have access to Google Webmaster Tools, call your website provider and have them site it up. It needs a META tag on the home page or a special file dropped in the root directory.

It's critical to confirm you can see that data from both Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.