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Google Changes Organic Search Results Rules

I often remark why it will be difficult to publish a traditional book on SEO for car dealers when the rules pertaining to Google search results continue to change. On Friday August 20th, Google announced another change in how organic search results will be displayed in SERP’s. The 10 organic listings shown on any search is called a Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

According to a post on Google’s Webmaster blog, large websites that have strong consumer interest (this could include your dealership website), can now have more than two organic search results. This is a big change because if your dealership website can get four organic listings, you will dominate the top places where consumers click above the fold.

In the example on the Google blog, a museum can have four organic listings at the top of a SERP:

Google Organic SERP Changes

This change would seem to apply to larger website that have a well organized website structure. You can always tell a large, well organized website because it has Google Sitelinks. Sitelinks are helpers to get consumers to popular inside pages on your website.

Google Sitelinks

Car dealers who have a number of sitelinks already under their main page would most likely be a candidate. In the graphic below, Google created Sitelinks for Checkered Flag’s main website because it is well organized and there are a number of brands that they sell:

Google Sitelinks

Sitelinks can not be added by a dealer but once Google decides to add these links, you can delete any that you don’t want to show using Google Webmaster Tools.

Is This a Good Change?

The reactions on the Google Webmaster Blog are mixed but for car dealers I like this change. This will definitely help with Google Page One Management when car dealers have lead collectors and distractions showing on Google Page One for their dealership name. It may also drive more traffic to relevant inside pages to facilitate a better consumer experience.

So this brings up another reason why all pages on your website need to be optimized for the best user experience because Sitelinks and their new SERP feature will be driving consumers to popular inside pages.

What are your thoughts on this change in how organic search results will be displayed?

A little more in depth article about the topic can be read here at Conversation Marketing:
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Great example of why the site organization is so critical.

Google is willing to HELP site owners by literally sharing their play book with you; paying attention to these clues can significantly help your business.

Site links, once listed, can actually help improve your conversion rates by helping visitors find specific content within one click!

Nice post Brian...