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Google My Business and Consistent Change

Fascinating We are seeing a consistent change in consumer behavior around Google My Business for dealerships across the country. Since March 2020 there have been more Google My Business page views occurring in Google search results vs. Google Maps.

Why is this happening?

Less shoppers are spending time driving around and searching for dealers using Google Maps, and instead they are finding dealer GMB pages in the “Local Pack” of Google Search using their laptops/desktops, or even mobile/tablet browsers. As a reminder, the Local Pack are the 3 GMB map results that appear when Google thinks you are searching for a business.

So why is this important for dealers?

It magnifies the importance of placing and winning in Local Pack, non-branded, category search. Dealers can accomplish this by claiming and optimizing their GMB pages for sales, service, body shop and parts.

What are you seeing with your GMB vs Google Maps activity?



George Nenni Founder | Generations Digital
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Thanks for including the screenshot Jeff. That is right Jeff, every dealer can look at this same data using the Insights tab in their GMB backend.
@georgenenni So is there an ideal "ratio" of Map to Search that is healthy/crappy? Jeff's Benz store is Maps to Search of 47% and this Ford store, below, is at 62%. What do you recommend?

Hey @Dan Sayer! I don't know that there is a best or optimal, but the trends felt like they were moving from 50/50 to being more heavily weighted with Maps. Assuming this is people using Map app, or maps in browser. This change felt like a step back, and one that really made "making the cut" to the 3 local pack even more important.