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Grant Cardone Wants You to be a SUPER FREAK!

Are you a Freak or a Super Freak?

In this video, Grant Cardone talks about going where the fear is, being bold, taking risks, and…eating fire. Highly successful people understand that fear is to be used. What are you doing with your fears?

I personally find this to be a true lesson and something you should remind yourself of. It’s something that I need to sometimes remind myself of. I know I would not be where I am in life had I not decided to be the “Super Freak” at times. I wish I would be even more of a freak and step outside of my comfort zone even more often.

Thanks for putting this into a quick video Grant. EAT THE FIRE!!

Founder of DealerRefresh - 20+ Years of dealership Sales, Management, Training, Marketing and Leadership.
I agree that when I have pushed myself to a point of being uncomfortable because of past fears, I have grown both personally and professionally. This is a good reminder.
So right Brian. Many times in my "career" I have had to remind myself that you need to push the boundaries. It's the ONLY way you truly grow as a person. This is the reason why I posted this video.

Too many times we find our self comfortable in a position that's too hard to let go.

Believe me..I was in that position 2 years ago. Making great money, 5 mins from the office and loved it. Another opportunity comes about (totally causing me to be a "Super Freak",...from my perspective) but knew that I would grow from it. And I would never change my decision for a second. But had I not been a "Super Freak" I would not had made the decision that I did.

Good stuff.
Grant - you're awesome! I am definitely seeing a lot of our employees outside their comfort zone right now and they're finally making things happen. I love it! The glass is half full in this economy because it is forcing people to eat the fire.