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Here’s to you, Sean Woodruff

Last month the DealerRefresh community lost a member to an unfortunate accident. Not only a good member, but a freaking great member. Sean Woodruff passed away August 21, 2014.

Originally, I planned on listing out a few contributions here and there, a few pics – but, after I started looking through his posts and threads I realized just how much of a hole he’s left behind here at DealerRefresh.

The threads and posts are just so many…many of you have been touched, taught and conversed with Sean. I’m sure you’ve even implemented a tid bit you’ve learned from him. I know I have.

2013-12-21_00-24-56Months and months ago I had reached out to Sean to have him do a DealerRefresh Dealer Spotlight.  He was ecstatic to be a part of a dealer spotlight and quickly returned everything I asked of him. And, then like many things in life and business, I got busy and distracted and the dealer spotlight didn’t get published. And, Sean followed up with me like any car dude would. I regret jerking on publishing what I should have published a long ass time ago.

Late, but always a spotlight to Jeff and I – here are a few excerpts from the unfortunately unpublished Sean Woodruff Dealer Spotlight:

Sean, describe your typical day and what is your favorite part of the day?me, lynda, and amanda

My days are quite busy! My typical day involves first and foremost getting my BDC department headed in the right direction and making sure it’s staffed, equipped for success, and driven. I have to give a big shout out to my Assistant Manager Lynda Mathieu, and my reps Amanda Poirier, Julie Woodside, and Holley Gleason. They are my rocks. Then for me it’s usually meetings, webinars, conference calls, and of course managing, training, tracking, and execution. I think in all honesty my favorite part of the day is making the decisions and overcoming the challenges that keep our business ahead of the curve, on the cutting-edge, and meeting our goals. I truly think the AutoFair Group is one of the most forward-thinking and competitive dealer groups in the U.S., and the people that make up our management and executive team are some of the most driven and intelligent professionals in the business.

If you could invent one product that would make your workday easier – what would it be?

Honestly? A self-autonomous robot that can answer all my BDC reps’, salespeople’s, and fellow manager’s questions.

It’d also be nice if it could dish out every word track in the book to my staff, skillfully handle every customer call whether good or bad, reply tactfully to online reviews, inspect what I expect in our CRM, and do it all while having a battery that lasts the WHOLE day (unlike my smartphone). Oh, and that can also somehow watch my 10-month old dog while I’m at work. That way I can just stick to the innovating and improving! Unfortunately, I think they could pay me a lot less if I had one of those….

I would be lost each day without….

Definitely the world wide web, my smartphone, my computer, and my staff. Oh and the ability to multitask, analyze, create, and problem-solve in new ways and at a high level.

Sean – you called it like it was in the forums and found friends who valued your opinions, experience and insight. Jeff and I thank you for every second you spent with DealerRefresh.

God Bless

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