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HomeNet Adds “Video-to-Pictures” Functionality

HomeNet offering a free Video Online customers – 30 day trail.

March 2, 2010 (West Chester, PA) – HomeNet announces the release of enhancements to its Video Online Marketing Suite that allows dealers who are creating live video ads for their vehicle inventory to turn each video into hundreds of still images, which can then be transferred into its Inventory Online Marketing Suite and automatically associated to the vehicle for distribution to the dealer’s website and online classifieds.

“Today, top dealerships are spending the extra time to shoot live video of their vehicles instead of using traditional picture-to-video products. They realize that this small investment of time turns every video into a mini-commercial, which allows the dealership to really ‘sell the car,’” says Tim James, Director of Sales at HomeNet. “This can dramatically increase the emotional response from the consumer and drive a lot of traffic.”

Video Online’s Live Video Upload feature allows a dealer to upload their own video footage of a vehicle from within HomeNet’s IOL Inventory Marketing Suite, associate that video with the vehicle, and webIOL then distributes the video to the dealer’s website, YouTube, and online classifieds along with each vehicle’s marketing data, including the vehicle Installed and Enhanced Options, Vehicle Description and Dealer Comments, Vehicles Photos, etc.

“Without Video Online,“ James adds, “dealers still have had to take individual photos of each vehicle to attach to their Internet ads and distribute throughout the Internet. Video Online’s video-to-still-images feature removes that extra step and saves the dealership a lot of time.”.

When the dealer chooses to “create still images”, Video Online will automatically slice the video into hundreds of high quality still images from which the dealer may select. In a matter of seconds, the dealer has as many or few of the images as desired and may push those images to that vehicle’s content management section inside of IOL.

“This is huge, and it will be the standard for all dealerships,” said Tim Jennings, Internet Director of Tom Sparks Toyota in Dekalb, IL. “I shoot a lot of actual videos for my inventory, and being able to turn those videos into high quality, still images will save me the 30 minutes it takes me to also shoot, name, and upload pictures for that vehicle. With that time, I can shoot even more videos.”

HomeNet’s Video Online (VOL) Marketing Suite is a Video Based Internet Marketing System that allows automotive dealerships to create dynamic video commercials for every vehicle in their inventory. By utilizing HomeNet’s Inventory Online (IOL) Internet Marketing Suite, Video Online offers features like API-driven automated video creation and Live Video upload which allow dealers to take actual videos of their inventory and quickly upload them to their webIOL data files, allowing virtually real-time display on HomeNet IOL Hosting platform which many dealers use as their “online display” of their inventory for their websites.

HomeNet is offering a free 30-day trial to new Video Online customers.

About HomeNet
HomeNet Automotive helps the automobile industry save time and sell more vehicles and is proud to be recognized as a “Top 10 in 2010 Companies to Watch” by AutoSuccess Magazine. It is the leading provider of inventory merchandising, management and marketing services, led by its flagship product, Inventory Online (IOL) Internet Marketing Suite. IOL is a web-based vehicle marketing solution that helps tens of thousands of automotive dealers to engage buyers online and bring them into the showroom ready to buy by streamlining the process of converting raw vehicle data into consumer-friendly and emotional online ads. With 135 employees, HomeNet has garnered a spot on the “Inc. 1000” for the second year in a row, its third recognition by the prestigious magazine in as many years. HomeNet is a private company based in West Chester, PA, with offices across the U.S. For more information, please visit or call 877-738-3313.

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