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HookLogic Integrates with Dataium for Lead to Show 3.0

NEW YORK – February 2, 2012 – Today, HookLogic announced that it has partnered with Dataium, the largest aggregator of Internet HookLogic Logoautomotive shopping activity, to build new insights and technology into its Lead to Show solution enabling dealers to breathe new life into older, upper-funnel leads. The new capability built in to Lead to Show 3.0 provides HookLogic customers with access to Dataium data solutions and opens up a new market of “forgotten” leads to automotive dealers.

Dataium’s Cloud Intelligence™ platform captures deep insights into shopper behavior, including browsing history, time in market, which models are in a shopper’s consideration set, etc. Because automotive marketing efforts are often targeted towards new leads, shoppers who are still in market after two months are considered “cold,” and are rarely pursued by dealers after the two-month mark.

Our data indicates that up to 45 percent of leads are still in market after 120 days. This group represents a huge missed opportunity for dealers, however, it’s vital to understand the difference between a lead that is simply inactive versus an individual who is no longer in market, such as someone who has already purchased a car,” said Jason Ezell, president and co-founder of Dataium. “Data is the first missing piece of the puzzle. The second is relevant, attractive incentives to bring inactive leads back into market, and that is where HookLogic excels.”
HookLogic customers are no longer leaving money on the table by ignoring inactive leads who are still in market. The integration of Dataium insights and technology arms Lead to Show 3.0 users with a 360-degree view of shopper activity and enables dealers to deliver a customized, targeted incentive to re-engage individual shoppers, bring them into local dealerships and drive them down the consideration funnel.

“We are continuously working to improve our Lead to Show solution set for automotive dealers. We wanted to partner with Dataium because they are hand’s down the best in class in providing strategic, relevant data to the automotive industry,” said David Metter, president of automotive for HookLogic. “That data powers our execution and gives our dealerships a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

About Dataium, LLC
Dataium is the largest aggregator of Internet automotive shopping behavior. With its Cloud Intelligence™ platform, the company collects, analyzes, and indexes billions of online automotive shopping events weekly from over 60 million active auto shoppers. The company supports cutting-edge data collection and reporting technology; VisiCogn® Collection Utility, VisiCogn® Knowledge Center, and is also known for its ASI™ index. For more information, visit, email: [email protected], or call 877-896-DATA (3282).

About HookLogic’s Incentive Solutions for the Auto Industry
HookLogic powers targeted incentive programs that drive in-market shoppers to auto dealerships and other lead-driven businesses. HookLogic solutions are easily implemented, work with nearly any marketing medium and enable end-to-end reporting and optimization. Headquartered in New York City, the company has offices in Ann Arbor, MI, Atlanta, GA and Manchester, UK. Clients include MileOne Automotive, Germain Motor Cars, Suburban Collection, Acton Toyota, and Learn more at

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