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How To Sell Cars in the 21st Century

Take a peek at the new Telsa showrooms designed by Apple’s former retail guru. What George Blankenship did for Apple’s retail and showrooms, he’s now applying to Telsa showrooms.

We can guarantee that it’s different than almost any other car dealership you’ve ever seen.

Will there be a day when all cars are sold like this?

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  • Anonymous
  • April 18, 2011
I don't think the design your own car concept is that innovative but I do think over time more dealers will carry less inventory and start selling a higher percent of vehicles through online or custom in-store ordering. All industries are moving to just-in-time procurement, which will squeeze out real estate and flooring costs, and I think it is inevitable the auto retailing industry will head this direction.
Interesting stuff. Its the future of selling at some point. Question is what company will be the one perfecting it:)
  • J
    Jeff Kershner
  • April 19, 2011
The more I thought about it..this isn't a totally new concept for our industry, look at Scion. This showroom and "retail experience" very much resembles what Scion initially set out to accomplish. Of course not understanding how very old school Toyota dealers are, the Scion experience has all but dwindled away. Very much like their sales numbers. Not that the dealers are to blame for this. Most of the blame lies on Toyota and their advertising programs.
I think a hybrid of both virtual and standard dealerships is the way to go. However, this would only work if the manufacturers agree. It could cut down on inventory costs and get cars only when a customer orders one (just in time.) Then the car could be ordered or it can come from a "holding" area at port.
Add Saturn to the heap of dead --"we are different"-- carcasses.