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Infographic: The Car Dealer’s Step-by-Step Guide to Getting More At-Bats

I write a lot about the processes that help dramatically increase appointment shows, drive up closing percentages and generate additional gross; but what about those dealers and salespeople who are good with processes, though simply don’t get enough “at-bats?” That is, they’re simply not receiving the number of leads, calls, chats and walk-ins they need to truly grow their business.

How are they supposed to dramatically grow their appointments, closes and gross profit even with the best processes in place?

Here’s how – a simple step-by-step guide for those dealers with good processes to drive additional opportunities for their sales teams.

Car Dealer's Guide to Getting More at Bats
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DISCLAIMER: There is no way to include every single solitary thing a dealer can or should do to generate more opportunities for their sales teams – even in the freakishly long article that spawned this inforgraphic. So… save your “Where’s _______?” outrage for someone else. This is free advice, after all.

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