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Participate in the Internet Ninja Warrior Contest and Win $1,000

internet ninja warrior webinar


If you’re a Internet Warrior, you could WIN $1,000!!  Read below to find out how.

The first response to a lead can be the difference between gaining the opportunity to your next sale or NOT.

This 1-hour webinar with Jerry Thibeau from Phone Ninjas and DealerOn could be the most exciting webinar you will attend all year! Jerry has assembled an amazing group of industry experts who will help you take your Internet departments skill set to a whole new level.

  • JOE WEBB from Dealer Knows Consulting
  • JARED HAMILTON from Driving Sales
  • JEFF KERSHNER from Dealer Refresh
  • RALPH PAGLIA from Automotive Digital Marketing
  • GRANT CARDONE  a legend in the automotive industry.

Over 100+ years of experience all on the same webinar! 

Each panelist will review one lead submission and offer their thoughts on how that salesperson could have delivered a more powerful message. Upon the conclusion, the finalist will be put into brackets and the voting will begin.

One skilled Internet representative will walk away with $1000 in cash. Will it be you?

To be considered for the contest and to have your leads reviewed by an industry expert, please treat the following information below as an actual customer:

Skip Miller
[email protected]
Cell: (980) 272-8688
Skip is interested in a new four door sedan. Something under 45K

Pretend the information above is a fresh lead in your CRM and let’s see if you’re an “Internet Ninja Warrior” or a “90 lb. Weakling”! Put Skip Miller on your follow-up plan and let’s see if you have what it takes to convert an internet lead to a sale! To be considered, please submit no more than one lead per dealership by April 15th.

Oh – And don’t forget to sign up for the webinar