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Company Name: izmocars
Online Since: November 6th, 2001
Location: San Francisco, CA

Current Homepage PageRank: 5/10

Homepage Title Tag: " izmocars : Custom Auto Dealer Websites and Internet Marketing for Auto Dealers”

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  1. How would you rate their customer service?
  2. Number and quality of leads generated from your izmo website?
  3. How well does your izmo website rank in the natural listings of the search engines?
  4. Overall layout and design of your izmo website?
  5. Ease of operating the admin utilities (adding specials, additional pages and such)?


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A message from

Jeff, thanks for allowing us the opportunity to write about our services.

Izmocars is a San Francisco based automotive industry leader providing interactive media solutions, eCommerce websites, dealer sales training and online marketing to the retail automotive industry.

Since its inception in 2000, izmocars has positioned itself on the leading edge of online technology in its development and implementation of a product suite essential to dealership success.

izmoRainmaker, izmoConcierge, and the company’s newest addition to its product base, The Hybrid Internet Sales System, (THISS), are only three of the premier izmo products utilized by successful auto dealerships to increase leads, conversions, sales and profits.

As the preeminent Automotive Online Marketing Solution Company, izmocars is strictly dedicated to the automotive industry and the tools and technology needed to increase dealers’ volume and profits.

Built and based on a combination of technology, marketing strategies and superb customer service, izmoautos caters to the top 20 percent of the dealerships in the country and those who want to achieve that status.

Founder of DealerRefresh - 20+ Years of dealership Sales, Management, Training, Marketing and Leadership.
I inherited an Izmo website at a previous dealer (Toyota), and made do with it until I made some startling discoveries:

1. We were being billed several thousand dollars a month for the "Rainmaker Program" which was supposedly going to send me hundreds and hundreds of leads based on their web technology, blogging, etc. We never got a lead from them, and consequently nearly had to sue them to get credit.

2. Using the back end tool, I noticed they were receiving a CC of EVERY lead that came in through our website, including Credit Apps! Being based in India, I was very concerend about our client's privacy, notified my principal and legal counselor immediately. Izmo stated they kept a copy "In case something happened to our server." I attempted to C myself, but the program would not allow it. After speaking with Customer Service, they remedied the problem and CC'd me.

3. Speaking with a former sales person for Izmo, I was told the Rainmaker program simply took leads from one area and sold them to another area, hence the hundreds of leads coming in each month, and that is why they CC'd themselves my stores leads. (Take that info with a grain of salt).

Needless to say, I quickly got another website set up as soon as possible. Izmo may have changed management, policies and tactics since then, but so what? There are plenty other good fish in this sea
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  • July 11, 2007
I oversee the online marketing for 7 dealerships in los angeles. I also had a poor experience with izmocars. I used them about 3 years ago. Many of their tools didn't work, others worked poorly and their support was very lacking. We got out of our contract with them early.
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    Jeff Kershner
  • August 6, 2007
I've been demonstrated izmo’s website services and products several times but never pulled the trigger with them. I'm not a huge a fan of their vehicle details page (one of the MOST important pages on a dealer’s website). They seem to have a a good grasp on search engine marketing, matter of fact one of their customer support reps emailed me asking if I would link to one of her dealers website from DealerRefresh to help build Page Rank. I commend them for taking the effort to help their dealers gain search engine indexing with off-page SEO.

Since I have never personally used them, I can't comment on their admin utilities or customer service.

I run the Internet department for 13 stores. I have tired other web sites, when we switched over to Izmo web sites we saw a 27% increase in our leads from our web site. I work with their support team and find them to do the work very fast and get whatever is broken fixed. I think Izmo offers the best web site and support of all the other companies I have tried. I am also ranked #2 on the Ward's Top 100 E Dealers!

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  • December 5, 2007
This is a simple one, you show two web site screenshots. The top one caught my eye because of the good design. So why does it say powered by Reynolds and Reynolds at the bottom left corner? Didn't you say it was yours? (IZMO)
We switched to IZMO Cars about a year ago looking to improve our website traffic and conversion rates. Once we went live, we saw an immediate increase in not only leads, but the quality of our leads as well. The IZMO websites were doing a much better job at keeping customers on our site, and it brought us better qualified customers who were anxious to know more. We saw even greater results when we started up with their Rainmaker program which is designed to drive customers to us through an extensive, ongoing SEO and internet marketing campaign. I head up an internet department for 11 stores and 13 franchises, and we have seen a 36% increase in unique visitors, a 70% increase in leads, and a 72% increase in website deliveries!
Where do I start . . . Your initial salesperson will be in the US (probably CA or local rep). ALL technical support and 99% of all other communication is in India. Izmocars is owned by LOGIX Microsystems Ltd, a Bangalore-based software services company.

Problems: English is their 2nd language, back-end tool is a joke (not flexible), most changes made thru India support center. Even Reynolds Web Solutions and Cobalt are way more flexible on back-end tool! Pros: Site looks pretty (I guess).

I wanted to change 1 frame-in on site and it took a week. Plus they screwed up another link by accident. No big deal though, it was only my PreOwned Inventory frame-in. They couldn't even fix it when I was on the phone with support. I was told the change could be done in a few days.

Wow! Izmocars makes me want to get out of Autos and into Real Estate.
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    Sam Yavong
  • February 13, 2009
I was the Internet Director at a Mercedes store in So. Cal. We were selling 60 - 70 units a month doing fine. My owner drank the Kool-Aid and changed our system to Izmocars, their biggest attribute is their pitchmen. They sell to owners that know nothing about what internet sales are. First 30 days we sold 25 units. The system made me the last person to contact every customer, somehow that didn't work. In 6 months the department was dissmantled and I moved on. They now have no internet sales department. If you are considering Izmocars do your homework.
We recently switched to Izmocars as our website provider. Wish we would have listened to the theme of these reviews. The site took way longer than promised to build. The service remains poor. The custom features promised when sold, now don't exist....surprise, surprise. The fact that you deal with a customer service team whose first answer is "I'm not knowing" is a fact. Before posting this review our E-commerce Manager spoke with Izmo and told them I would post an appropriate review of our experience. This prompted a series of emails and phone calls with a "please give us 1 more chance."
Chance given.....service, same. We have continued to be let down by Izmocars. We were sold under the guise that the various technology providers we have would all work seemless with Izmo and we could be certain our inventory feeds etc...service issues would not be bounced between "not our fault" customer service departments. This has also proved not true.
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  • April 10, 2009
it's true, they are gasping for air at this point...
I too am very dissapointed with their customer service. They refuse to provide us with an ftp login to our own website, I have never heard of a hosting company that does that. Also they are taking a month to do something that would take me a day to do if I had the ftp login. I really would not recommend this company. They makes promises and don't deliver.
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  • August 12, 2009
Reading all of these comments just confirms the negative impression that I also got from Izmocars. Talk about making promises you can't keep - I was completely disappointed by their failure to increase the number of leads to our site and think all the talk about SEO and online marketing to be completely bogus - we would have been better off shelling out for a straight-up website provider plus a marketing services firm. Classic example of trying to tackle too much and not do either correctly. I am not even going to get started on their customer service...

On top of all this, a friend of mine has a colleague who had a terrible experience with the senior creative director that makes me question their choice in executive personnel. Needless to say I would not recommend this company to anybody.
  • L
    Laughing as well
  • November 6, 2009
What a complete JOKE of a company. Isn't their training program the same one Autobytel was giving for free?
  • M
  • December 16, 2009
11 Ways to Recognize a Bad SEO Firm

There are lots of different people out there calling themselves SEOs. Some of them are actually really good. But, for today, let’s take a look at 11 sure fire signs that your dealing with a bad one:

1.Focuses a lot of energy on meta keywords. Yes, they are still out there – SEOs that think that meta keywords are the best thing going.

2.Offers to do a lot of search engine submissions for you. These will do absolutely nothing for you. Nada. Zip. Let the search engines discover you through links.

3.Recommends 302 redirects. I saw this just this past week. A major SEO firm that was helping a client with a move from domain to another, and they recommended 302 redirects. No faster way to destroy all the historical trust built up in a domain.

4.Focuses on link swapping. This is OK, up to a point, but it is not the fundamental building block of a long term link building strategy.

5.Uses the same link building methods on all clients. If it sounds like the link building strategy is the same for all their clients, you need someone else to oversee your overall link building strategy. Note that working with specialists is an OK thing to do (e.g. someone that focuses on social media), just don’t let that be the only thing you do.

6.Recommends micro sites as a way to rank for more terms. Unless you have been penalized, you are almost always better off putting new content on the existing domain. Every time you create a new site, you have created a new thing that you have to go market to get links for. Much easier to keep it all in one place.

7.Recommends that you run your content across multiple domains. I saw this recently. A company was doing a site move, and their SEO firm recommended that they keep the old domain running, then create the new domain, and leave them both running for 6 months. Not going to work.

8.Talks about hidden text (or other tricks such as cloaking) as a strategy. If it feels like a trick, then it’s probably a bad idea.

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11.Don’t want to let you know what they are doing. If you get one of these, it means one of two things are happening: (1) they are doing nothing, or: (2) they are doing something bad.

So as I said before, there are good SEOs out there, in fact, there are lots of them. They can really help you. Unfortunately, a bad SEO firm can really, really hurt your web site and it’s traffic from search engines. Learn what to avoid. In addition, learn what to look for on the positive side. A good start on that task is to find SEO firms that will start be educating you on the challenges you face, and then focuses on the nuts and bolts about how you meet those challenges
  • S
  • March 4, 2010
Looks like izmocars is giving a good competition to the top players in SEO!
Sorgenfrei LLC 's "Website builder ranking Report " mentions "izmocars is the most proficient at getting the highest percentage of their client placements in the most effective spot" and
"Izmocars has the highest percentage of their overall placements in the top spot followed by, the Cobalt group, BZ Results, Dealerskins and Reynolds Web solutions"

See the reports in website.