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JMsolutions buys DealerUps CRM

Looks like JMsolutions has bought DealerUps and their CRM program. I guess JMsolutions badly wanted a CRM to complete their over all package for dealers. I personaly was never too impressed with DealerUps CRM. When I had used it, it lacked a lot of ILM features.

"The DealerUps CRM enhances JMsolutions’ mission of
helping dealers achieve greater success through innovative products and
services," said JMsolutions President Scott Barrett. "It assures our ability to
support a dealer through all phases of the sales process- beginning with our
award-winning AAXT used vehicle inventory management solution to our ProFiT
F&I Menu product –we are there from start to finish."

I think we’ll stick to using their aaXchange software, which is actually a great product.

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