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Kelly Blue Book Adds Dealer Inventory Classified Listings to adds new Classified Inventory Listings for Dealers

kbb_logoAhhh, another classified inventory listing website for dealers. As if all the other sites are not enough, we now have another option/site to list our dealers inventory on. Just what we need, right!

Starting July 2009, is launching their new inventory listings program. Dealers will be able to sign up to list their New and Used car inventory in (Kelly Blue Book).

What ever happened to the and Strategic Partnership?

That sure was short lived. It’ll be interesting to see how this play out.

Below is a C/P from Kelly Blue Book about their new service.


The #1 Automotive Web site is premiering a new inventory listings program

We’ve recognized that, now more than ever, it’s critical to maximize inventory exposure to in-market car shoppers. That’s why beginning in July 2009, is launching a new inventory listings program.

Committed to helping dealers engage with serious car shoppers, our new program will help drive millions of consumers from the vehicle research section of directly to new and used car listings on our site.

Dealer Showcase customers will receive special advantages within’s inventory listings

And because this is a new inventory listings program, we’re able to offer you, our Dealer Showcase customer, an opportunity to maximize your brand and inventory exposure not available anywhere else.

Now available to Dealer Showcase customers for the first time ever:

  • NEW ways to showcase and merchandise new and used inventory listings on
  • NEW Dealer Showcase ad units on
  • NEW premium ad and inventory placements throughout
  • NEW Dealer Storefront page hosted on – dedicated to your dealership
  • NEW lead generating opportunities throughout

All of this is offered through our brand new product, Inventory Listings Package.

At a fraction of the cost of traditional classifieds listings, Inventory Listings Package will help deliver more dealership exposure, more ad units, more placements, and more leads than ever before.

Don’t miss this opportunity to sign up for the Inventory Listings Package and be the first to showcase your inventory and web portal on Be a part of our big announcement when we premier our brand new inventory program to millions of car shoppers on nationwide this July.

Sign up for the Inventory Listings Package and receive:

New & Used Car Listings

Showcase your new and used inventory in a whole new way. Call attention to your Showcase inventory listings by using the special Showcase treatment. In addition, your new car listings will include special “newly listed” and “price-lowered” merchandising treatment while your certified pre-owned vehicle listings will include special “certified pre-owned vehicle” merchandising treatment.


Inventory Spotlight Ad

This is one of our top traffic generators to’s New Car Inventory experience. Placed within’s new car research section, the Inventory Spotlight ad will display your available inventory directly in front of serious car shoppers as they research that specific make and model. Use the same ad to create a path into your Dealer Storefront on


Inline Ad

Our new Inline ad unit is designed specifically to increase your dealership exposure to in-market shoppers within the inventory search results page. This highly desired ad placement will help keep your brand in front of in-market shoppers and drive more consumers to your dealership when they are unable to find their vehicle of choice. This ad unit lets consumers know that your dealership can help find the car they’re looking for.


Dealer Storefront

This is your very own dealership web portal hosted on Feature your inventory and storefront details, including dealership branding, custom messaging, photos, map to your dealership, contact information and other amenities. Dealer Storefront also includes a lead capture form to gather data from local car shoppers. This is your dealership branded within the #1 automotive Web site¹ . Get in-market shoppers into your store by presenting your value proposition and contact information.


Read the full Pres Release: Kelley Blue Book’s to Launch All-New Online Vehicle Classifieds

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Since we are a Showcase dealer on KBB, we signed up for the "showcase dealer only" period. It will be interesting to see the results, as well as if our results suffer due to yet another classified vehicle listing service popping up on the web.
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  • May 24, 2009 numbers shouldn't be hurt due to the fact that KBB has always had inventory listed. The only difference is that is was supplied by 3rd party sites and now you have to pay for it. Of their 13 million unique visitors, only about 8% actually clicked through to inventory. and ATC have been going back and forth furnishing the inventory throughout the years. Neither one of them saw much added value for the dealers since such a small percentage clicked through to their sites.
Need a rep. - I tried calling the 800 number and no luck. Feel free to shoot me over some info on this- brianetuckeratgmaildotcom thanks Brian
It is surprising that there are so many car listing sites in an industry that has all the characteristics of a winner-take-all market. It would be most beneficial for customers and car dealers to have one site to search/list vehicles for sale.