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Market Analysis in the Era of Coronavirus: How to Capture Leads with the Right Messaging

We’re living through a very eerie time, where it seems like every day there is another COVID-19 related news story that catches us off-guard. It’s strange that all of a sudden our biggest human instinct is “forbidden” and instead of finding comfort in the company of others, we’re practicing social distance. We can’t socialize, or hug our friends and family in times when we probably need it most.

But as we all stay at home and adapt to this new normal, there are still bills to pay, birthday calls to make, and in-market shoppers ready to buy. There are still people that need to renew leases, or get that routine oil change, so they’re figuring out how to do this from the comfort of their own homes.

In times like these, I believe data is the best way to arm ourselves. Dig into the numbers to see what’s working. This is not a time to rely on gut.

What language can you send to customers that will make them comfortable pulling the trigger on a purchase? Do they care more about online purchasing? Or do they want to know that their car is being cleaned before delivery?

These are the questions we need to explore as we ramp up to drive leads and sales in this new reality.

So while we all know the hottest topics include digital retailing and home deliveries right now, what’s the data saying? What’s actually moving the needle? What messaging is getting the most clicks, or better, leads?

Check out the report here on the initial results of these messages to car buyers. The report covers messaging from "online car buying," "deep cleaning after purchase," and "trade appraisal at home".

In a time where there may be limited resources, staff, and budget, making decisions based on data is the smartest thing we can do. It’s how we keep control and stay resilient. This is not a time to disappear from the web, but rather, shift strategy, market smarter, and respond to the dynamic market.

For full access to the messaging market analysis, you can download the report here.

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, and successful rest of the year as we come together to tackle this crisis.