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Mercedes-Benz goes Second Life

Mercedes-Benz has bought an island and set up shop in the upmarket South West
district on SL (Second Life).


They even have a
style website
to highlight their SL efforts. I’m not sure where they are
anticipating Second Life to go but I guess they thought they better jump on the

I’ve stayed away from second life, it’s hard enough to find time for my First Life.

I wonder if I can get a job with Mercedes-Benz as a Virtual Internet Sales
(VISM..I’m coining that!)? Maybe I can find where
AmyAuto lives and we could
shack up!!


Here is the

Press Information
if you want to read it.

3/3/2007 – During the time of my original posting I emailed Mercedes-Benz at the designated email address, asking them a few questions about their participation in Second Life..I have yet to hear back from them…??

3/10/2007 – I have yet to hear from some someone at Mercedes-Benz corp., BUT they have added a new posting to their blog/website about presenting the new C-Class on Second Life. Maybe if someone from Mercedes-Benz reads this I’ll get a new C-Class to drive AmyAuto around in! I hope the front seat reclines enough. 🙂

4/19/2007 – WOW..I finally hear something back from Mercedes-Benz. Here is what they sent:

Dear Jeff Kershner,

actually we do not offer the last name "Mercedes-Benz" in Second Life. But you may join the Mercedes-Benz News and Events group in Second Life. If you do so, Mercedes-Benz will be listed below your Second Life name.

At this point we do not offer any services for Mercedes employees, but we will develop our services steadily.

Thank you and best regards, your Mercedes-Benz Second Life Team

How exciting. I wonder how long they will keep up with their Second Life efforts??

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