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My Charter Membership to AAISP

Ok..well, I just sent in my $99.99 for a Charter Membership to AAISP (Association of Automotive Internet Sales Professionals). I was thinking I would have received more then just an autoresponder, thanking me for signing up and to let me know that my information has been listed in the database.

I guess I was expecting a phone call from someone, maybe even from Mr. Lloyd Richardson himself. I have yet to receive anything from anyone from the AAISP.

I thought I would visit their website just to be sure I was not missing something. I’m curious to why they had Cobalt design their website. I’m not too impressed with all the little scrolling windows? It’s really hard to find or read any information on the site. Sometimes you are redirected to another site that has some additional information. There I was checking the database of members only to find out that my name and information was not yet available.

I hate to say but I’m initially a little disappointed. Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions and I need to be more patient. I’ll be sure to post if and when I hear something from someone at the AAISP.

Has anyone else signed up? Leave some comments!!

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The association for Internet professionals, AAISP, has just brought on a Membership Secretary, and new members will shortly be getting a welcome aboard membership kit.

Items to be included will be Certificate of Membership, suitable for framing, an AAISP mousepad, and additional items which are being prepared as we speak.

I had the pleasure of recently attending their meeting to discuss topics and sessions for the upcoming conference in April and I can say without hesitation, this will be a dynamite conference and all attendees will be able to bring back to their dealerships real, beneficial actionable items to help them be more successful.

Mark Dubis
Digital Dealer magazine
Official Publication of AAISP