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NADA Convention 2007 for dealers ..are you attending?

The NADA dealer 2007 convention will be held in Las Vegas on February 2007 – 3rd
through the 7th.

If you are an exhibitor that offers products for “Internet Sales, Internet Marketing, CRM / ILM, Websites etc for dealers, post your Business Name, Products and Services here if you will be attending NADA 2007!
Consider it free advertising and a link to your website!

Advance registration is open
for NADA’s 90th annual Convention and Exposition on their website.

To quote the NADA page..”Your competition will be there. More than 25,000 industry professionals count
on the NADA Convention for the full spectrum of innovations in education,
equipment and emerging technologies. With 600+ leading product and service
providers spanning more space than at any other automobile dealer trade show in
the world in 2007. NADA offers the ultimate in comparison shopping and
face-to-face meetings with suppliers.”

Are you attending?
If so, let my readers know!

Last year Search Engine Optimization (SEO or SEM) was the HUGE
craze. What will this years NADA Convention for dealers in 2007 bring?

Again; If you are an exhibitor that offers products for “Internet Sales, Internet Marketing, CRM / ILM, Websites etc for dealers, post your Business Name, Products and Services here if you will be attending NADA 2007!

Founder of DealerRefresh - 20+ Years of dealership Sales, Management, Training, Marketing and Leadership.
Jeff - I will be there and when I post my blog entry about the show I will be sure to set a trackback to this entry. If you play golf consider coming out a couple days early. I will be getting there Monday before the show. Also, on Thursday HomeNet is going to host a par-3 golf event if you are down. Let me know.
Great job!!!!

My company and I will be attending this year's convention. We will most likely be in the NADA booth, because we represent their website! We offer a wide array of products and services to OEMs, RDAs, Dealers, and aftermarket manufacturers, so I would point everyone to our website for details. I look forward to seeing you at the convention!

DealerSocket will definitely be represented at NADA 07. We offer a full solution CRM with exceptional service/support. From the Sales floor and Internet department to Setting Service appointments and automated Customer complaint tracking with eSurvys, as you have seen, DealerSocket is the solution for all dept's in the dealership. #1 Fastest growing company in Orange County, CA, and #43 Fastest growing company nationally! Looking forward to Vegas!

Black Book Online will be represented at NADA 2007. We will be introducing our new ACTIVATOR™ by Black Book® Online program in booth #1555.

ACTIVATOR ™ is a powerful lead conversion program that provides your website visitors with a trade-in value report that provides realistic values that match what the used car manager will be able to offer from an independent and unbiased supplier of vehicle values to new and used car dealers for more than 50 years.

In exchange, you’re provided with the prospect’s new car choice, trade-in, and often a scheduled appointment request. Close rates are as high as 20%.

The New Activator™ Tool Converts Your Transparent Web Shoppers Into Scheduled, Showroom Appointments.

Please stop by and introduce yourself. Our team appreciates your work and enjoys reading your website. We all learn a lot from this site. Thanks again


Callbright provides call management solutions in the automotive industry and we have lead providers, OEMs, CRMs and other industry related companies as our partners. We provide a suite of products that includes Inbound, Outbound and Broadcast Messaging solutions.

At the NADA, we will showcase our latest enhancements including Enhanced Call Completion, Clickable Numbers and our growing Partner Community.



Thanks for the invitation to post our service on your blog.

IMN Loyalty Driver will be at booth 3881C showcasing our latest enhancements to Loyalty Driver, the leading fully managed eNewsletter created specifically for auto dealers.

Loyalty Driver is delivering huge ROI to dealers across the country by helping them create massive increases in traffic to their web sites and sending high quality leads into their dealerships, all while allowing dealers to have ongoing, profitable relationships with those customers and prospects. For example, one of our dealers had 13 test drives scheduled within 90 minutes of his latest eNewsletter being sent!

As many of our customers have told us, Loyalty Driver is simply the best online marketing they have ever done for their dealership. We invite you to visit us at NADA to find out why.

Jeff, Thank you on behalf of myself and the other "dealer service providers" or "vendors" ( General Agents, OEM, CRM and Aftermarket Agencies) for this opportunity to share our services on your website. There will always be some new and exciting technology or advancement at the NADA Convention in terms of how to sell more cars or maximize profits.

However, what I've found in my 24 years in the automotive industry and it still holds true, the most valuable asset at any given dealership... is it's PEOPLE. We've created America's largest Online Automotive Career Network. is helps match qualified Automotive Professionals with Automotive Employers via the world wide web. From Sales to Fixed Ops ...We've got your automotive job search covered! (404) 213-7196
We look forward to seeing you at NADA this year!!!

Very Truly,
Diane Uzelac

A big thanks from everyone here at AOM. We will not be attending NADA this year, but we will have a booth at the AAISP Conference in Nashville. We will be displaying our Search Engine Marketing services (SEO/ PPC) along with or new landing page technology and DealerPRO online reporting center.

AOM is one of the fastest growing Search Engine Marketing companies in the automotive space, with a focus on SEO/ PPC exclusively for automotive dealers. Our main objective is to put dealers on the search engine map, and bring them into the search engine revolution! Visit us online at for a FREE search engine analysis.

Thanks again,
Juan Carroll
AutoONE Media
Search Engine Success...Delivered

Jeff- Thank you for this opportunity.

S.N Automotive Consulting, Inc, Creators of Motormouth™ , brings an " End of the Silent Era" to a Dealers website.

Motormouth Audio is the start of a whole new generation of "talkies". Their site- our sound - creates a whole new way of selling on the Internet!

Visit us online:

See us at BOOTH # 2793C

We look forward to meeting you at NADA.

Again, thank you!

Steve Levin
President and Creator of Motormouth
S.N Automotive Consulting, Inc.

Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of the most exclusive event happening at the
NADA Main Event Convention!

Friday, February 2nd 2007
Group #1: 6:00PM – 8:30PM
Group #2: 9:00PM – 11:00PM

RSVP: Angela Smith, email: [email protected] or by phone: 1-800-952-0168

Hope to see you there!

Call for more details or to RSVP. Visit Towbin Dodge, see "Chopper Edition vehicles", and meet the "Characters" from the hit TV show "King of Cars".

For more information about Visible Customers products that have helped Towbin Dodge become the #1 Automotive Dealership in the World for 2007. Please call 1-800-950-2067 and ask for Nick Schwarzrock.
Wright-Edge will be there and we do some SEO work and basic internet marketing. We also have some great automated services including Voice Cast. Wright-Edge is a part of Wheeler Advertising Inc which has even more services.

Marc Padilla
Account Executive
Tel-Edge Advertising

ACC - Automotive Compliance Center

The Adverse Action notice solution for the Towbin Group!!!

**Aversive Action notice for less $$ than a dealer would spend running it in-house themselves + over $1M insurance.

REFERAL FEES PAID !!! (contact me directly)

I have followed your site back when I was with, and still check back a few times a week. You do a great job!!

Darrell Small
Automotive Compliance Center
CELL: (480)332-1788

Jeff, Sorry for my first post on your CRM comparison site. I did learn a quick lesson in humility.
AutoAlert, Inc. will be at NADA booth 3444W please stop by and review the product. We do have a unique CRM addition that was derived from many years of “on the floor” experience.
Thanks for the opportunity
Jeff Cotton