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NADA Deal Sheet: Offers, Deals, Discounts, Promotions at the 2019 NADA Conference

Some dealers go to NADA and never step into the Expo. Some have a shopping list. Others want to see their current vendor and get the latest product releases.

Whatever your plans are, the deals this year cannot go unnoticed. Exhibitors are going all out to grab a dealer’s attention. Many have prepared months in advance for this event and some see this as their Black Friday.

Every year there is a theme depending on what is happening in the marketplace. Remember when the Internet first launched as a viable medium to reach car shoppers? The hall was loaded with lead generation companies. I will never forget Stone Age. Their booth looked like a movie set from Meet The Flintstones.

This year’s theme is still digital but with a big dollop of AI. It’s a more matured, focused, data-intrinsic category today. They parse the data, provide deep analytics and “speak”  one to one to an ever-treasured, interminably-elusive in-market shopper. I am going to check out one vendor that says they can take anonymous traffic on your website and actualize it to a real person. GDPR? Not here in the USA!

Video is finally getting the show it deserves. There are many solutions to choose from and many vendors are trying really hard not to make it complicated. Get with this program. Consumers love it.

New revenue streams, like ride-sharing and subscriptions, are low-key at the show. If I were a dealer I would check them out. This will be big. OEM’s are massive on the subject. You can be your own Uber with money you never had on your balance sheet before. Shhh!

Know what’s big? Facility. Architecture, construction, furniture, design, lighting, flooring and security. The nagging question is: are dealers creating curb-side appeal to sell off or are they wanting to entrench in the community? The classified section of @Automotive_News in the last few years has been bulked up with broker ads. Hmmm…..

Car washes are hip. Who doesn’t love a clean car?

Many booths are holding happy hours. Approved day-drinking! Yay!

Need more fun? Arnold Tijernia is your connection. Follow him on Twitter @arnoldtijerina . Visit his site. He has all the events listed. You won’t go hungry or un-entertained with his excellent guidance.

Finally, vendors are an integral part of the automotive ecosystem (full disclosure: I sell ads to them), so please look, listen, visit and partake in their generosity. This is the conference to make a deal and buy stuff. And the exhibitors are ready. The list of deals, offers, and promotions are awesome. You could win $10,000. Need a putter? There’s a vendor for that. You could go on a trip to Greece or Daytona 500 or the VERY IMPORTANT PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL GAME OF THE YEAR IN MIAMI 2020. Note: many vendors require a submission (they need YOUR data) to get the gift card. And there are lots of gift cards to be earned. Plan accordingly.

Enjoy the show. Safe travels.

Click here for the NADA DEAL SHEET. You can sort by vendor, deal, category and more.

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