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New Car Invoice Prices Free in Canada?

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I figured this was proper quick post here on DealerRefresh since we have our fair share of Canuck readers and community members.

I’ll have to admit, I had no idea invoice pricing wasn’t available in Canada. We’ve been dealing with transparent invoice pricing here in the states since I can remember.

I’m sure there will be a slew of Canadian websites popping up left and right just like the one in the press-release below.

I’m curious to what our Canadian readers think of this news?


This press-release (promoting a Canadian automotive pricing website) was shared with me a few days ago…

After launching Canada’s first online new car marketplace earlier this year to help consumers find the best deals without even negotiating with a car salesman, Unhaggle is now leading the auto industry to even greater transparency by offering all Canadians access to free dealer invoice price reports.

Invoice prices or “dealer cost” have been widely available to Americans for free for over a decade on most auto websites. However, this information was hidden from the Canadian public and was accessible only through paid memberships with auto clubs and data re-sellers until now.

“You should be able to get a great new car deal without spending evenings and weekends negotiating,” said Radek Garbowski, co-founder of Unhaggle. “Unhaggle helps consumers find the best local new car prices by getting car dealerships to compete in our online marketplace. And now consumers can see how great our deals really are by comparing with free invoice prices.”

Unhaggle now provides all consumers with free access to dealer invoice price reports on nearly any new vehicle in Canada. Car buyers can either use this information to better negotiate on their own, or let dealers compete to win their business in Unhaggle’s online marketplace where buyers remain anonymous, get the best prices and save a ton of time.

According to Capgemini’s Cars Online 10/11 global annual automotive survey, “41% of respondents said they would be likely to buy a vehicle online… Consumers do not want to negotiate price in person with the dealer…”

Unhaggle works with a national network of highly-rated, progressive new car dealerships that are embracing the Internet to serve customers better online. And customers are loving the hassle-free car buying experience at Unhaggle.

“Unhaggle gave me the information I needed to understand what a competitive price point was for the car I wanted,” said Sharon O’Connell from Toronto, Ontario who recently saved $3,143 on a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee using Unhaggle. “No one was able to beat the pricing they guaranteed. Closing the deal was quick and simple because we had agreed on a low price before I walked into the dealership.”

Go to to access free invoice price reports and get the best new car prices on Unhaggle’s online marketplace.

About Unhaggle
Unhaggle, as seen on CBC News, Global News, The Globe and Mail and other leading national media outlets, is Canada’s only online new car marketplace. In the Unhaggle marketplace, car buyers can stay anonymous, get great market prices on local inventory and skip the hassles of negotiating by getting dealers to compete online. Find us on Facebook at

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William Milton

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LOL this must be what it felt like when dealers in the US saw something like this for the first time. I think I'm currently in the denial phase (next is anger/depression.)

I'm hitting the wall with denial, that it won't work long term, because I don't see a win win win. From what I've seen so far it's pretty anti-dealer. I just fired in a test lead so I guess I can analyze the dealer side of things (if it's actually setup to send to a dealer in our area yet) to see if there's any type of win from the dealer angle.

For us, it will most definitely fit as a lead source. We already sell our new vehicles at invoice and we have a tuned up velocity strategy for our used cars.

It was just a matter of time before lead vendors started to push into Canada.

I'm all for transparency and improved customer experience but I feel the Unhaggle marketing has to evolve for the site as a whole to be successful... like refining the warning when a customer clicks yes to the "do you have a trade". It has a tone of "OK this is how we're going to make sure we eff the dealer".

I'm excited to watch if it becomes a player.
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    Zoli Webtesting
  • November 24, 2011
I own a dealership out of Oklahoma, and now with the downturn we had to cut costs. I used to work with <a href="" rel="nofollow">R&amp;R</a>, which was great, now we're using a free one, <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>, which is not as complete, basically just has inventory management but at least I get flyers and a web-site, which I could never afford.
I have to do all accounting on paper though, which is not great.. any cheap ways on doing this?