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DealerRefresh Dealer Forums Gets A “Refresh”

new dealerrefresh dealer forums

If you haven’t yet made your way over to the DealerRefresh dealer forums over the last 24 hours – you may want to check it out. And if for some reason you have not become part of this AWESOME community, what are you waiting for?

As you can see, we moved forward staying true to the look and feel of what we have here on the blog. We’ve done our best to retain as many features from the previous version while adding several enhancements.

Of course we are not stopping there! I’m sure you can already tell from the over the last several months – we have been taking the blog and the forum to another level.

We understand the new look and feel to the dealer forums is “change” and it takes some time to get used to change, but we are confident the changes are a forward move. With time, you will see this progress into a more powerful platform and overall better experience for all of us.

At this time we would like to thank EVERYONE that has become a “DealerRefresher“. It’s been amazing to watch the community grow over the last 2 years on the forums and the last 6 years on here on the blog.

Let’s also thank our previous and current sponsors. Without their sponsorship – we wouldn’t have the money and resources to continue building out enhancements here on the blog and forum. Take a second and click on one of their ads, read through their service and offering. If you’re not in the market for one of their products at the moment, you might be in the near future.

Please take the time to visit the new refreshed forums and let us know what you think!

We are open for suggestion.. Find a bug – let us kow
Have a suggestion – let us know
Missing something – let us know

We have opened a thread over in the forums for suggestions and comments. You can get straight to it by clicking here.

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    Brian Pasch
  • March 8, 2011
I like the new format, and the site content is continually engaging! Keep it up!