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What is the Optimal VDP Views-to-Days Ratio?

SponsoredIt’s a widely accepted fact in the automotive industry: VDP (Vehicle Details Page) views drive sales. As the watershed Cobalt study from 2013 declared, “If they see the highlights, you’ll see the taillights.”

In that study, Cobalt found that the number and duration of VDP views were two of the top four online sales predictors. They also found that VINs with more than 30 VDP views spent 44% less time on lot.

On the flip side, driving significantly more than 30 VDP views to a particular VIN does not proportionally reduce its time on lot, while quickly diminishing returns.

So, what is the optimum pacing of VDP views? LotLinx proprietary research indicates it’s 30 views in 30 days.

Based on that goal, a dealer’s best digital strategy is clear: drive 30 VDP views in 30 days to every VIN on the lot to maximize inventory turns and eliminate wasted digital ad spend.

But is that, in fact, what’s actually happening on dealers’ lots today? LotLinx decided to investigate.

We studied 299 dealers and their 483,715 VINs between January 1, 2016 and June 30, 2016 and sought answers to two important questions:

  1. Are dealers driving 30 VDP views to every car on their lot?
  2. Are the VINs receiving 30 VDP views in 30 days selling at a higher rate?

Get the Exclusive Report Now

To see what we found, LotLinx has prepared the, “Data From 2016 VDP View Study Illuminates Wasteful Digital Ad Spend,” report available as a free PDF download. Simply follow this link to obtain your free copy.

LotLinx 2016 VDP View Study - Download Now


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