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What Percentage Of Your Dealers Business Comes From The Internet?

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What percentage of your business comes from the internet?

At my previous stores, we only counted an internet deal, if it was a confirmed appointment or if the customer asked for an ISM by name. Our ISMs worked cradle to grave and I was fortunate to have a dozen very talented ISMs.

A vendor, on another forum, said that dealerships should obtain 30% of their sales/business from the internet. He stated that any more than this would be the internet department converting floor ups to the internet.

This particular site is predominately vendors and they are eager to defend one another. DealerRefresh is mostly dealership personnel and I am convinced represent the brightest of the dealer community.

My previous stores did better that twice the 30% and I am sure that we were not alone.

I would like to see some of the percentages from this community. Please share…

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