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The Weekly Refresh: Price or Convenience?, Lead Scoring, Remember This?


  • Do Customers Come for Price or Convenience?

    This study by emarketer was focused towards the retail environment but we all know that the “time” factor plays into our business as well. “With 77% of respondents, saving time was the next most popular reason to shop online.”

  • R. L. Polk signs MileOne for Lead Scoring

    “Polk Lead Scoring combines predictive modeling and analytic capabilities with Polk’s analysis to determine which Internet leads are likely to result in a vehicle sale.” Is this encouraging your sales people to cherry pick leads or since we know most dealers are going to cherry pick anyways, lets be sure to pick the right ones?

  • Remember this?

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Did anyone else catch the error at the beginning of the video? The clip was not from "Meet the Fockers." It was from either "Analyze This" or "Analyze That," not sure which one. DeNiro is a mob guy trying to go legit, so he takes a job selling caddies. Hilarious! Reminds me of the old "Jerky Boys" clip with "Frank Rizzo" interviewing for a car sales job...anybody remember that one?
The clip is from "Analyze That." I have this clip on my blog:

It's become a part of our sales pitch, "wanna talk to the boss?" :)