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PureCars Trade-in Reports 2 Months FREE for Dealers

Deals for Dealers - Free Suff For Dealers

Want more quality leads from your dealership website?

You can do so by answering a top consumer concern!

PureCars is offering DealerRefresh community members their PureCars Trade-In Report service FREE for 2 months.

The Offer:

Retail Offer:
$299.95 a month

Deals for Dealers Offer:
FREE for 2 months
with no obligation afterwards to continue
Set up: FREE

This is an overall savings of $598.00 with no obligation to continue!

PureCar Trade-In Value Reports FREE for 2 Months

The Qualifications:

  • Your dealership website must receive no less than 3000 visitors a month.
  • PureCars Trade-In report banner included on your homepage.
  • Links must be added into your main navigation named “Value Your Trade”.
  • Links added to your sub category for new cars, used cars, specials and financing.
  • PureCars Trade-In report banner placed on the search results page for both new and used.
  • PureCars Trade-In report banner/graphic on vehicle details page.
  • All links should forward to the PureCars Trade-In Report Campaign.
  • Dealer cannot have other Trade-In tools active on the dealers website during the trial.
  • Please Limit 5 stores per dealer group.
  • Report back to the DealerRefresh Dealer Forms no less than once each month to reports your results

What separates the PureCars Trade-In Report feature from all the other trade-in services available?

Simple. Conversion! PureCars has simplified the consumer experience so much so, it literally takes only 20 seconds. Go ahead and give it a try yourself.

purecar tradein example - FREE for 2 months with DealerRefresh

Not only is it an online lead driver but also a strong showroom tool. Dealerships who adapt a showroom process around the PureCars Trade-In Report will quickly find money left on the table with customers more willing to accept the justified trade value.

Hurry up! This is a first come first serve promotion. After we have a select number of dealers, the opportunity comes to an end.

How do I sign up?

  1. Click here to sign up for the DR forums.
  2. Click here to sign-up for your 2 Free Months
  3. Click here to leave your name, dealership, contact info in the Deals for Dealers thread so we know who gets the 2 FREE months.

Once we have enough participating dealers, you will be contacted directly to get started.

Great offer!! I'm assuming this is only for U.S. dealers???
  • J
    Jeff Kershner
  • August 9, 2011
Good question Ryan. I'll be sure someone from PureCars answers this for you.

I know I'm personally all over this deal. Taking advantage and getting all 4 of my dealers on board.
Let me know I'll pass it around.  However, based on what I see I would assume that they don't have Canadian data.
  • Anonymous
  • August 10, 2011

PureCars is currently available for US dealers only.
Thanks Jeremy! Good luck with your trial , this is a great community to get some no holds barred feedback.