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PureCars Joins The Contact At Once! Dealer Chat Network

The PureCars Value Report offers consumers the ability to chat with a Dealership Sales Representative

ALPHARETTA, GA. February 1, 2012 – Contact At Once!, the dealer chat leader, announced the addition of PureCars as a member of their dealer chat network.  Dealers may now quickly and easily add Contact At Once! dealer live chat features to PureCars Value Reports, PureCars Trade-In Reports and other PureCars tools, allowing customers an additional way of  digitally communicating with car dealers.

“The PureCars Value Report offers consumers a wealth of detailed information to help them better understand the value in a vehicle,” said Contact At Once! Director of Business Development, Lloyd Hecht.  “Still, it is impossible to answer every question car shoppers have, so adding Contact At Once! chat into the PureCars Value Report allows the consumer to ask questions to the dealer in real-time, and to gain instant answers from the dealer, greatly increasing the value of the report to the shopper, while enhancing the ROI of the dealer’s investment in PureCars.”

The Contact At Once! dealer chat network includes third-party listing sites such as,,, and, as well as manufacturer websites like, partner websites and applications – as seen with PureCars Value Reports – in addition to traditional dealership websites. Using a single set of tools and processes, dealers can respond to consumer chats originating from anyplace in the dealer chat network. Dealers that leverage Contact At Once! dealer chat software typically experience an increase of at least 25% in the number of online shoppers that contact the dealership.

“Car shoppers conduct quite a bit of research online prior to calling or visiting a dealership. PureCars is dedicated to answering the top concerns through the PureCars Value Report and PureCars Trade-In Report which both now allow a customer to chat with the dealership instantly to get additional clarity or questions answered,” notes Jeremy Anspach, PureCars President and Co-Founder.

“The PureCars mission is to answer the top concerns of a car shopper and do it with fully automated technology for the dealership. Adding Contact At Once! chat to the PureCars Value Report makes it easier for the customer to have any additional questions answered in real-time, greatly enhancing the value of the PureCars Value Report to both the shopper and the dealership.”

Dealers with a current license for either the Contact At Once! Deluxe or Premium Dealer Edition and subscribers of the PureCars Value Report may immediately add chat to their PureCars application at no additional charge by simply logging into the Contact At Once! customer portal and selecting the ‘Provisioning’ menu.

About PureCars

PureCars is an automotive research company dedicated to answering the top concerns of car shoppers.  Car shoppers want to make sure they are getting a good value, buying a reliable vehicle and dealing with a reputable dealership while shopping for their next vehicle.  PureCars Value Reports answer these top concerns and more!  They are available for $14.95 on and are free of charge for PureCars subscribing dealerships. To learn more about PureCars visit or call 877-860-7873.

About Contact At Once!

Contact At Once! is the leading automotive chat software provider and operator of the industry’s only dealer chat network connecting more than 9,000 auto dealers with the websites car shoppers visit most often. Adding Contact At Once! dealer chat software to a website typically increases a dealership’s sales conversations by at least 25%. Named to the Inc. 500 as one of America’s fastest growing businesses in August of 2011, Contact At Once! is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information about the company’s auto dealer chat product, please visit:

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