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Rules Rules Rules!!!

I guess it’s time to establish some rules for commenting.

I started DealerRefresh as a place to write about my thoughts, opinions and daily obstacles as an Internet Sales Manager. Over the course of the last year or so, DealerRefresh has become quite the popular site and is now being looked upon as a resource for Internet Sales Managers and others in this business.

It’s been a tough call for me..do I keep the site geared towards my personal opinions and thoughts (while allowing others to comment) or do I try and stay neutral and allow DealerRefresh to transform itself into a unbiased resource? I’m torn! Maybe it’s possible for both to coincide?

I don’t know if I have the answer right now, until then I think it’s important to establish some rules.

So here they are:

  1. No advertisements inside your comments. (If you want a vendor profile, contact me).
  2. No Slandering – especially on a personal level. If you have had a bad
    experience with a company and their product, please share your thoughts
    but keep it tasteful and give examples to back up your opinions and
    comments (I would recommend including something positive about your
    experience with the product or vendor as well).
  3. No anonymous posts (unless I authorize) and no “free” email accounts
    (yahoo, msn, aol) unless you provide a valid full signature.
  4. Excessive self-promotion or promotion of a website or other entity will
    be deleted
    . If it reads like you are mad or getting paid by someone for
    your words, your comments will be deleted.
  5. No hyperlinking to your website for promotional purposes within the body of your comments.
  6. Take full ownership of your comments. Always re-read your comments and feedback before hitting the post button. Don’t call me 3 hours later asking if I’ll remove your comments from the thread because you said something that maybe you shouldn’t have. This is the Internet, take ownership for your actions.

Best to all to DealerRefresh readers. It’s because of YOU this site is what it is!!

Jeff Kershner

Founder of DealerRefresh - 20+ Years of dealership Sales, Management, Training, Marketing and Leadership.
Hi Jeff, thanks for a great site, I value your opinion as well as the many others who contribute here. Building on that - I don't want you to be "neutral", I want to hear your honest input regarding the issues that each of us faces with internet sales at our respective dealerships, just as I want to hear the honest input from the other folks who post as well. I know that you are not paid or endorsed by any vendors for this site, and that the cost of running this site comes out of your pocket, and I sincerely appreciate that. Keep up the good work! Kevin Frye/eCommerce Director/Jeff Wyler Automotive Family
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    Jeff Larsen
  • July 5, 2007
I have received more knowledge from this website than any other resource available for Internet Managers.

The guidelines listed above are common sense and practical.

Thank you Jeff for taking your personal time to help make us all more successful in the dealership.
Hi Jeff,

Nice Site!!!

We have just launced ismConnection.com. It is great to see another site dedicated to Internet Sales only!!!

Thank you!

  • B
    Ben B.
  • January 16, 2008
I just came onto this site...its great. My question is: Has anyone been involved with training from Proactive Dealer Solutions?
My GM made me to go their BDC boot camp last month and the internet material was great, but I'm wondering how the actual in-dealership training is.
Any comments?