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VIDEO: Scaling personalization to all customers throughout the buying journey

Artificial Intelligence used to be something you’d only see in science-fiction novels, comics or movies. But these days AI isn’t just for Terminators and space ships with an axe to grind. Car dealers are now able to use AI to improve personalization on their website and engage customers more fully – engagement that can be turned into conversions if you know how to use the tools properly.

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In this live web chat from August 2017 with AutoLeadStar Co-Founder and CEO Aharon Horwitz we explored the Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools revolutionizing automotive digital marketing. We learned how to get started with AI today, and we even got a sneak peek at AutoLeadStar’s brand-new just-released machine learning tool coming in the Fall 2017, designed to solve some of today’s biggest online marketing challenges, including intrusive, mismatched popups and lack of personalization.

Learn how AI can customize every stage of the online shopping process by:

  • Tracking user behavior in real time to offer relevant content
  • Eliminating the busywork of campaign segmentation
  • Scaling personalization to all customers throughout the buying journey

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