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SEO VS SEM (Google) Infographic

FREE Clicks (SEO) Becoming More Costly?

If you happen to be one those folks who clicks on the first search results listing on page one of Google, you’re in good company.

The majority, in fact, click on this before clicking on an organic ranking just a few listings under that paid advertisement. But, hold on. According to a recent infographic full of great data collected from WordStream about Google AdWords, over 45 percent of those searching wouldn’t know a paid ad search results listing from an organic search results listing had they not been separated by those nifty right columns.

Hard Hitting Facts:

Paid ads are gaining traction, and more often than not, getting more clicks than organic listings. But, don’t dump your quality content just yet. Not all keywords are created equal and PPC can’t replace SEO just like SEO can’t replace PPC (er, not always…)

You’ll still need to rock both paid and organic rankings and rock them well. According to WordStream’s data, if an advertiser buys ads for keywords they currently rank organically for, 89 percent of the traffic from the paid ads will be new traffic. And, don’t jump ship on Google for Facebook ads just yet. The click-through rates on Google ads are 600 times higher than Facebook ads.

Take a good look study at this infographic. Every fraction of an inch on this is filled with information that can help you and your dealership.

Few Questions:

  1. Are you seeing your Paid Search Ad Spend Increase (CPC)?
  2. Are you tracking your High Commercial Intent Keywords?
  3. Does your GM still not know the difference between a paid and organic ad? (fun question)

Sound off in the comments after feasting your eyes on this infographic!!

War on Free Clicks
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  • R
  • March 6, 2013
@dealerrefresh the majority have no clue lol.
  • V
  • March 7, 2013
Brands should think in terms of "SEO and PPC" not "vs". They go hand in hand. Analytics help determine how much time/money should be spent on each. Ultimate question: what is driving the highest into to "act/buy" once they click through?
  • J
    just browsing
  • March 7, 2013
The majority of dealers still run there PPC to there inventory pages - and then wonder why they only have a 5% conversion rate (if the even know there conversion rate) It's all about Landing pages that convert - there is a lot of advancement dealers can make in running effective PPC campaigns.
  • Z
  • September 23, 2013
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