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Social Media Best Practices for Automotive Dealers

Download your copy of  Social Media Best Practices for Automotive Dealers here.

Adam Boalt / Founder of GOSO  (and a current advertiser here on DealerRefresh) just published an ebook full of best practices for car dealers using or looking to get into social media.

This e-book, Social Media Best Practices for Automotive Dealers, is for the automotive dealer starting out with social media — an entry-level overview if you will. While social media requires a solid amount of effort, time and interest, this short read will equip you with the knowledge you will need to enter the digital social age that is upon our society. In this book, you will learn how to get started, best practices and tips and tricks.

Social Media Benefits and the specifics reviewed in this ebook:

Why specifically should you consider social media? Here are some of the benefits to be gained
by engaging these services:

  • Build visibility & authority. Social media allows you to attract and maintain an audience of people who want to interact with you.
  • Grow your traffic. Once you have an audience you can drive people to your website.
  • Connect with key influencers. In social media the gatekeepers are removed so you can gain direct access to key people.
  • Attract prospects. By increasing your visibility and making yourself useful, you can attract prospects and leads.
  • Provide customer service. Help solve customer’s problems before they start to complain and cause negative word of mouth.
  • Encourage links. Boost your search results by gaining more links to your content.
  • Reputation management. Improve your reputation management by creating more results in the search engines and social sites for your brand.
  • Create positive brand associations. Boost your brand by helping people see you as a positive member of your community and industry, by creating more trust, and improving your reputation for customer service.
  • News & gossip. Get the inside scoop on what is happening.
  • Loyalty. Hold the attention and maintain your visibility to customers, contacts and prospects.

Download your copy of  Social Media Best Practices for Automotive Dealers here.

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  • April 7, 2010
Perhaps some of those dealers who are on Facebook or other social networks can read this and realize tweeting updates or pushing a photo of their vehicle to their facebook page is NOT going to sell a car and teach them benefits of developing a following on the networks.

There is no shortcut to monetizing social media as far as I can tell.
A very nice article have you written.I really enjoyed reading what you had to say.This is really a great stuff.I agree with you,now a days most of the automotive dealers are uses the social media to promote or marketing their vehicles and they really get a good result from this.

Hope to see such a informative stuff in future!
I have just delved into the social media outlet for our Honda Stores. I did what you said not to do for the first week..then with no impact I really looked into who was doing it right by reading through forums here, ADM, Effective Social Media Blog, looking at Dealers that were generating a good number of followers, fans, etc.

Have revamped the strategy since reading your book as well. Now I am starting to build followers slowly but shirley by pushing product info, links to news about Honda, and the dealer brand. This really has helped get a grasp on what it does for you..what to expect..and what direction to take from this point...Thanks for the great article and read!