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How to Make Conquesting Easier from Your Service Drive

SponsoredSoft credit pulls provide the needed insight to truly understand your service drive to see which customers are in equity position whether they previously bought from you or not. While this approach to conquest business is on the rise, Dominion was the first to offer real-time bank agnostic soft credit pulls where you retain full ownership of the firm offer credit.

These real-time pulls do not require customer consent, social security number, or date of birth. They are quick, easy, and fully compliant with the FCRA.

Think of real-time pulls as the on-demand pull of preference. They are perfect when immediate information is needed on a customer in the service drive.

Batch Processing

A second pull that Dominion offers is batch processing. The batch process runs overnight guided by a pre-determined set of dealer criteria.

The service drive will have a new batch of credit and equity summaries available to them each morning. The approach creates a steady stream of new business opportunities without the need for human interaction.

Want to learn more about how Dominion’s unique approach to soft credit pulls and how they can make conquesting easier from your service drive? Click on the image below.

Soft Credit Pulls from DealActivator

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