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SWEET, an article from an actual ISM – Oh wait, it’s just another BZ PLUG!

You’re browsing the latest edition of an automotive dealer based magazine and the headline reads – How we Tripled Our Online Sales or How DealerABC’s Process Helped Sell More Cars. You think to yourself, “oh, this might be a good read”, something from an actual Internet Sales Manager that’s doing the daily grind like we are and not just another article from the CEO of a vendor.

So you’re reading this article and by the time you get to the third paragraph you quickly realize it’s just another one of those bull shit plugs for BZ Results.

Truthfully, I’m getting real tired of this. How many articles can a magazine have that is nothing more then a hidden advertisement for BZ Results? I thought ADP would have help put an end to this crap.

Sorry to voice off like this but I just get tired of it and I think it’s really doing no service to us reading these magazines.

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Ever since I 1st saw BZ handouts at the 04 dealer convention in Vegas, I felt the info-mercials are a stroke of marketing genius.

The BZ marketing plan brings comforting words to a reluctant management whose customers are forcing them into an online marketplace that they distrust.

Simply put, Dealer mngt. can justify a bold move (& put little effort into understanding it) by copying someone else's sucess. Kudo's to the pied pipers at BZ.

Internet Director
p.s. Dealers who dare to ask good questions (& can't find the truth) will find great value in DealerRefresh.com. Keep up the good work Jeff!

Jeff - Great work on this site, please keep it up.

To state that BZ does not do great PR work would be a lie. They are good at what they do, I cant say I agree with the tatics but it works.

I think the key to any CRM is people and process. If you work it right and have the right people I think most technology will work for you.

Getting to what JP was saying, Infomercials work. Plus with the Addition of VOD (Video on Demand) to most cable providers I think we will see a ton of local dealers jumping on it. If not, they might be missing the boat. I cant honeslty say if they were to do a long form spot on VOD that it would create leads but it will help with branding and it could help with dealer trust. The real question is: Do what Chopper does and just shoot off low prices, Have your owner talk about family and traddition, or have a top sales person or an actor do a walk around? What is going to work? How will we be able to track it? Who is going to try it first?

Check your local Cable provider to see if they offer On Deman - price it out and try it out. Who knows you could do better then the Chopper!

Greg K
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I currently produce 30% of all of our sales at the 2 small stores I oversee, and it boils down to one thing process. Implement a good process, track it, and you won't need a BZ. I like the idea of video emails, but lets realize who we are dealing with, dealers are just now realizing that the Internet is not going away.