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Synergy Sessions 2009 in Atlanta


UPDATE: Win a Free Trip to the Synergy Sessions

The Fourth Annual Synergy Sessions is in Atlanta at the Renaissance Hotel on October 5 and 6th, 2009.  Sean V. Bradley says this is going to be this years’ best training and networking event for the industry.

Training is critical for dealers and team members and this year’s theme is “Restructure to Maximize Performance.” Dealer Synergy is excited that the event is drawing speakers like Dale Pollak from vAuto, Sean Stapleton of Vin Solutions, Ken Potter from, and Ralph Paglia from ADP Dealer Services. Their participation shows in a tangible way that Synergy Sessions has become one of the industry’s “must events” of the year.”

This Synergy Sessions training and networking event focuses on helping auto retailers increase their performance levels, adopt powerful hiring practices and leverage technologies that consumers are utilizing during the vehicle shopping process.

The Keynote speaker will be John Ferber, who along with his brother Scott was the Co-Founder of, which was acquired by AOL in 2004. John and Scott were named in 2000 as Entrepreneurs of the Year by Ernst and Young LLP. John is currently the CEO of USO Networks, the premier Video Search Engine Optimization Company.

The Synergy Sessions will also offer as an option a full day of FranklinCovey training, led by certified Dealer Synergy trainers Sean V. Bradley and Karen Uriarte. This training will focus on time management and leadership skills and take the lessons from the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and apply various aspects to the issues faced everyday in the auto retailing arena. Dealer owners who have taken this course have shared that what they learned changed both their business and personal lives for the better.

Visit the for more information on this event and to register now.

On a side note, Myself and Brian Tucker (long time DealerRefresh contributor) attended the 2008 Synergy Session when DeVerl Austin from Franklin Covey presented “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and it was a top shelf presentation. Of course I’m always advocate for self motivation books and presentations. You can always read Brian’s review of the 2008 Synergy Sessions right here.

UPDATE: Win a Free Trip to the Synergy Sessions

Synergy Sessions is one of the premier events of the year. Top notch presentations, industry experts, networking, trade show booths, and information, insights and tips that will improve your dealerships’ performance and profits.

The Synergy Sessions Hosts are holding a contest to give away one free Trip to this year’s event. Included in the winning prize is FREE Registration to the Synergy Sessions Event, Airfare reimbursement (up to $300) and two nights Hotel at the Atlanta Marriott Renaissance where the event is being held. Admission to our VIP Networking Party is also included. All these add up to $1000 in total value for this event. You can enter this contest, right here on Dealer Refresh.

How to enter the contest:

  1. Think of your best original idea on how a dealership increased their sales, and/or improved their productivity. This must have been an idea that you or another dealer has actually implemented.
  2. Enter that information here on DealerRefresh in the comments area for the Synergy Sessions. Start the posting with the words: “Synergy Session Best Idea Contest
  3. If you submit your idea via a video on YouTube or other video site be sure to enter the ”Synergy Session Best Idea Contest” words as keyword tags with the video, and put a link to that video here on Dealer Refresh.
  4. Entrants must be a current employee of an automotive dealership and submit their idea by midnight Pacific Time on September 14, 2009. Call us at 888-815-4417 if you have any questions regarding this event.

The winner will be chosen by the Synergy Sessions Hosts team and notified the following week. This contest is void where prohibited and winner is responsible for any and all fees not included in the prize.

Winner will book their own airfare (if flying) and Synergy Sessions will reimburse them up to $300.00. If the winner drives to the event or takes alternative transportation Synergy Sessions will reimburse at a level they determine.

Enter to WIN!

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    Stan Sher
  • August 25, 2009
I would like to try to get out there if I can. I am not sure if I am able to make it or not. It would be a really great educational experience as well as a networking experience. Sean is really doing an amazing job as he is really passionate about what he does. This event is very promising to be a huge success and I think that it will offer a lot of tools for dealers to come back with.
Looking forward to attending Synergy Sessions. I highly recommend the FranklinCovey training.
Our dealer group had been trying to find direction for our internet department for two years. With six new car franchises there were two many competing agendas to make any real progress with a unified department. Last year I attended both the Synergy Session in New Orleans and the Digital Dealer Conference in Orlando. Upon returning I lobbied very hard for our group to look at Dealer Synergy for training. After going in another direction with very limited results, I was finally able to get Sean Bradley and our Dealer Principle together. To make a long story short, Dealer Synergy was able to bring everyone together and we doubled our internet sales in only six weeks! If you can only go to one event this year, make it this one.
Thank you for the comments!

This is going to be the fourth year we are doing Synergy Sessions... And it keeps getting bigger and better.

This year's Synergy Session is brought to you by:

* AutoSuccess Magazine

* Dealer Marketing Magazine

** Dealer Synergy

Most of you all know me or Dealer Synergy by now... I have been involved in Automotive Internet Sales, Business Development and Technology for about 11 years now...

I have had the pleasure to be a speaker for every major event in this industry and I learn from each and every one of them... some times I learn about trends, products, strategies and sometimes I learn what not to do.

I have come up with a very strong strategy for this year's Synergy Session...

We are going to ONLY have "A" list speakers at this event... Experts. PLUS, I have decided not to have sensory overload... There is going to be ONE strategy... with a Beginning, Middle and END...

I have found from personal experience and from my clients experience that attending some workshops it is difficult to get tangible and tactical strategy to take back to the dealerships because there are a LOT of different speakers, all with their own opinions and strategies... its kind of like going to an all you can eat buffet...

And sometimes some of the speakers contradict other speakers... it gets confusing.

At the 2009 Synergy Sessions in Atlanta, We have created a PPOWERFUL curriculum and ONLY have 1 speaker per category... so you are not inundated with redundant or contradictory information.

There are 5 Super Awesome Reasons for you to attend this year’s Synergy Sessions event:

5. It is by far thee most inexpensive event in the entire automotive industry... PLUS Dealer Refresh readers will get an additional $100 of the already LOW price! As a matter of fact, I am in the process of creating a contest for Dealer Refresh, like I did last year that a lucky winner will receive an ALL INCLUSIVE FREE TRIP TO ATLANTA for the 2009 Synergy Sessions event!

4. Our VIP Networking event... It is at the Caliber of NADA. Last year in New Orleans we have our VIP Party at the House of Blues and it was AMAZING... It is a great opportunity to network with your peers and develop strong relationships for when you get back to your dealership!

3. We are doing a workshop on all of the "Free Stuff" You should know about for your dealership like... (You have to go to find out) But, I will say it is the "MacGyver" Workshop for sure!

2. Our Key note speaker, Mr. John Ferber... This man is a genius! At age 28 he sold his last company for $495 MILLION to AOL!!! is the largest digital marketing company in the world... Its worth about 10 BILLION today! I think he can shed some light on digital marketing... maybe give us a few ideas :)

1. We are offering an OPTIONAL 3rd day SOLEY for the OFFICIAL FranklinCovey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People "Associates" program. This is an OFFICIAL FranklinCovey ACCREDITED Course, we will provide you with OFFICIAL FranklinCovey training materials, including workbook and audio CD... This workshop NORMALLY goes for $2,000+ PER PERSON... We are ONLY charging you $300 for this class (including the FranklinCovey Materials). Seriously, that alone is worth it to go...

I hope to see you in Atlanta, October 5-7th!
I have attended the last three Synergy Sessions and feel they present a great opportunity for auto sales professionals to gain incredible information, tips and insights on stepping up their game.
UPDATE: Win a Free Trip to the Synergy Sessions - read the updated post above!
Synergy Session Best Idea Contest

A strategy implemented with our dealerships has creating a weekly accountability report sent out each Wednesday. That in itself isn't remarkable but in order to create a dynamic scoreboard and give the accountability a competitive edge we created teams beyond what is our current sales structure of "team leaders" managing 3-6 salesmen by creating team logos for each and fostered what is becoming a "sales league" within our dealerships and our dealer group. I can go on and on what it all does but I'll cut it off there, I've loaded the logos to Flickr so please feel free to check them out, I've added a few details on there as well so be sure to visit.[email protected]/3905947062/in/set-72157622325541204/

It ads fun to the drone of analysis and the copy within the reports is generally written like box scores or game recaps. The parody gets over the top sometimes but its brought a great atmosphere and has been very well received.
M[email protected]/sets/72157622325541204/

Another direct link to the photo set mainpage with description and brief details on the program.
Do I win by default? Looking forward to finding out!
Not yet...

This contest is NOT ONLY a Dealer Refresh contest... This is a contest that is running in several different promotions and Blogs.

** But, I am liking your enthusiasm! And I do like your post so you are a strong candidate.

I will be announcing the winner very soon. I have extended the contest for just a little bit longer, dealers traditionally sign up at the last minute for events and such...

I look forward to catching up with you soon!
Sounds great, I'd love to elaborate and if I had the opportunity I would probably re-write the posts above - excitement reigned over grammar for sure!

Very excited and looking forward to to hearing the results!
Sorry I have been late to post but I have been finishing up our c4c deals. I can personally comment that the winner will get V.I.P. treatment and pick up some helpful tips and tactics. The all day Franklin Covey workshop will be well worth the trip and I wish I could make it to Atlanta and revisit with Sean and the rest of the Synergy crew.
Congratulations to Mitch for winning the Free Trip to the Fourth Annual Synergy Sessions in Atlanta.

This contest was actually held across several other industry sites. It's great to have a dealerrefresh participant and long time reader/contributor win!

I personally love your idea of creating a “sales league”. Many times taking something simple and expanding upon to make it a little more exciting it in order to get everyone on board and bought in is all it takes to get your team to another level. Congrats again!

We look forward to Mitch's Synergy Sessions review here in the comments when he returns.
I am sitting here right now. This is one of the best conferences I have ever been to. Stay tuned for a full review of this event in a few days.