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Text Sells: Improve Your CSI and Repeat Business with SMS

SponsoredAre you looking for ways to improve your Customer Survey scores? Do your service advisors wish they had a clone to do all the follow-up for them? Would you like to see more first-time customers return to your service department repeatedly?

Naturally these are things all dealers desire and there are many ways to achieve them. But how these things are achieved and how efficiently they are achieved will vary from dealer to dealer and with mixed results.

Improve Your Dealer’s CSI

You know how hard it is to move the needle on Overall Satisfaction with your CSI. Averages are all too easy to decline, yet improving your average score can be like climbing Mt. Everest. Therefore, every single percent increase counts in a big way.

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The only thing more important than fixing the car is effective communication, because that is how you gain trust, get work approvals, and free up space for the next vehicle. Customers respond best to authentic human interaction and nowadays the most preferred method of interaction is via text message, or SMS.

Most customers do not check email and voicemail for hours, and when they finally do you’ve already lost valuable time that could have been invested on other vehicles. As a result, you wind up unnecessarily with dissatisfied customers.

Hynts dealers see on average 18.5% of their unsatisfied customers turned around just by being available and continuing the conversation via SMS with the customer after their service is complete. Imagine the impact this has on your CSI?

More Efficient Follow Up

Following up with the previous day’s customers is tedious and can often seem like a waste of time, especially when you’re calling because you normally get voicemail. Automated emails don’t help because your customers’ inboxes are like yours – flooded with emails.

Time is money. Stop the task-switching that dooms manual follow-up processes and start focusing on customers that need help now by deploying the efficiency and effectiveness of automated SMS campaigns.

By implementing automated SMS workflows, your service directors can concentrate on the customers in front of them while Hynts works in the background to ensure optimal communications with yesterday’s customers.

Repeat Business

Customer loyalty and retention are earned through building relationships, but a relationship cannot form if the customer does not return the next time they need service. Often times simply asking for the appointment is all it takes to get a customer back in when they may not have been intentional about re-scheduling with your dealership.

Texting keeps communication open after the customer drives off the lot, which then becomes the simplest way to make their next appointment. Have SMS access with your previous customers can be a powerful channel when leveraged properly. Learning how to communicate with customers via SMS is imperative to your success, and Hynts makes this all that much more feasible.

Hynts - Stop Calling. Start Connecting.

Revolutionary? Yes! But not for Everyone.

Hynts is a revolutionary tool, but it’s not for everyone. Watch the video below and then follow this link to the Hynts website to find out if and how your dealership might be a good fit.

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